‘True Blood’ Recap: World War IV Begins

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Sunday’s action packed penultimate episode of “True Blood” (“Sunset”) almost made up for the long, slow, meandering, silly journey of the rest of the season. The vampires have finally gone to war with the humans, and, under the Authority’s orders, are turning people right and left to improve their numbers. There is panic in the streets. With Russell as a most entertaining wild card, the season’s protracted fundamentalists versus secular metaphor is complicated by an anarchist terrorist.  All of the storylines finally come together.  Even Andy’s turns out to have a point!  Plus, there was gratuitous shirtless Eric and Alcide.

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Lilith Has Many Chosen Vampires: Bill (Stephen Moyer) has a vision of Lilith telling him that he is the chosen one and that he should drink all of her blood. Eric takes it deadly seriously and goes full tilt evil megalomaniac. Unfortunately, it turns out that Lilith is the Montessori school of possibly hallucinated evil deities. She thinks everyone is special. She tells Chancellor Kibwe (Peter Mensah) the same thing. Bill overhears, and, instead of questioning whether he should be following Lilith, gets jealous and decapitates Kibwe. Later, Lilith tells Salome (Valentina Cervi) that she is the chosen one. What;s her game? Or does drinking her blood just make everyone see and hear what they want to hear? Next week should reveal all, but in traditional theology, Lilith was an Old Testament character, and the Jews were the Chosen People, so maybe this all some colossal religious misunderstanding.

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Eric and Nora Plot a Revolt — and Have Sex: Seeing Godric get attacked by Lilith snapped some sense into Nora (Lucy Griffiths). She renounces that Sanguinista lifestyle by having sex with Eric (Alexander Skarsgard). Hooray for graphic sex scenes! Eric vows to get them away from the Authority. When a general from the U.S. Army arrives at headquarters in search of Roman, Bill and the gang break the news that Roman is dead and the Sanguinistas are in charge, The general warns that this is a violation of the vampire-human peace treaties, and the government will crush the vampires since humans own the daylight. Eric kills him then proposes that he and Nora glamor everyone who potentially saw anything, Bill makes them bring Authority guards with them. No problem. Eric kills the guards once they get outside.

The Entire Town of Bon Temps Turns Up at Authority Headquarters: Jesscia (Deborah Ann Woll) ended up at the Authority last week. Since she immediately realized how screwed up things are, she lies to Bill that she wants to fulfill Lilith’s commandment to create mroe vampires by turning Jason (Ryan Kwanten). He sees right through her, and tells her to do do it — under the watchful eyes of his Authority minions. Jessica tries to hint to Jason to trust her, but he’s too stupis to realize she is attempting to send him a message. So she just bites him, pretending to turn him. While they are buried underground, she must have filled him in, because he uses some presumably silver bullets to kil the guards. Jessica tells him that Russell is alive so he heads off to protect Sookie. Jessica attempts to take refuge at Fangtasia, telling Pam(Kristin Bauer von Straten) where Eric is in exchange for her protection.  Roslyn (Carolyn Hennesy) shows up to investigate Elijah’s death. Pam takes the blame and is arrested and taken to Authority headquarters. Rosslyn smalls Jessica and brings her back, too. Pam crosses paths with Sam (Sam Trammell), who was busted during his search for Emma. He volunteers to be Bill’s breakfast. Will all of Bill’s friends get through to him next week? Probably.

Sookie amd The Fairies go to War With Russell: Sookie (Anna Paquin) goes to fairyland to learn more about John Stackhouse’s contract that seemingly sold her to Warlowe.  She meets a opp music obsessed Elder who tells her that there is a reason she always falls for vampires, and warns Sookie that she needs to hold onto her light during dark times. Jason busts in to warn that Russell(Denis O’Hare) is alive. The Elder freaks out at this news. She vows to fight him. Jason leads Russell to the entrance to fairyland, which Russell, of course, cannot see. The Elder announces that plans have changed and ventures out to human land to shoot light beams at him. She misses, hitting Steve and Jason instead. Russell, presumably, is imperviou to her powers. He manages to capture and drink from her, delighted with the heavenly taste of fairy blood. After ingesting it, he can see fairyland. Uh oh!

The Fairies Also Have a Beef With Humans, Thanks to Andy: Remember Andy’s one night stand with a fairynamed Morella? Moments after Andy(Chris Bauer)  tells Holly’s (Lauren Bowles) kids that he will never hurt their mother, she turns up in Merlotte’s pregnant. Apparently, it’s only been a week since they had sex thanks to the show’s wonky timeline, but she’s already showing. Morella wants Andy to “protect their fruit”, citing some ritual Andy unknowingly performed that binds them. Andy refuses, citing his commitment to Holly. Morella tells him that dishonoring her is an act of war. Good job, Andy.

Gratuitous Shirtless Alcide: While standing shirtless outside his father’s trailer, a neighbor informs Alcide (Joe Manganiello) that vampires are attacking and turning humans. He decides to protect them and his bitter, outcast father joins him in the fight.

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