‘Survivor: Philippines’: Did the New Players Predict the Season’s Twist?

'Survivor: Philippines' (Gordon Holmes)

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When I met up with the fifteen new “Survivor” cast members, they didn’t have the benefit of having seen the trailer that aired after the “Survivor: One World” reunion. They didn’t know they’d be split into three tribes. They didn’t know they’d be joined by three former “Survivor” players who had been evacuated from the game. The only thing they did know is that there were nine women, six men, and they weren’t allowed to talk to each other. I thought it’d be fun to see whose power of perception was able to give them an early advantage in the game…

Sarah Dawson: “I think they will change the tribes at least three times. People are feeling too safe. On day one they make a final-five alliance and they’re going to pick everyone off with their majority, then sit with a goat at the end.”
Katie Hanson: “I don’t have a guess. I’m excited to see what it is!”
Jeff Kent: “My best guess a couple of days ago was that they’d bring two more guys in and one of the girls would be an alternate. Now I’m thinking there’s going to be three guys and there are going to be three different teams. My guess is they’ll bring three guys in and they’ll be captains of some sort and they’ll pick teams to make them fair.”
Dana Lambert: “I have no idea what it will be. Who knows? There are a lot of blondes, and brunettes, and some left handers. I don’t know how they’ll divide us. They could bring back some all-stars. “
Carter Williams: “I’ve wracked my brain thinking of who they’re going to bring back. “Survivor” throws twists in there, so it could be something that I’m not anticipating. I’m thinking three guys. Ozzy (Lusth) is one of my favorites, but he’s been back recently.”
Abi-Maria Gomes: “I think they’re going to bring two more past players. I’m good at reading situations.”
Roberta ‘RC’ Saint-Amour: “I think it’s returning players. People that you really rooted for that had to leave the game early or were voted out early. I’m hoping for that instead of hated players.”
Artis Silvester: “There is a two-to-one ratio of women to men. This could be the shortest run of men in “Survivor” history if these girls decide to say, “Girl power.” There’d be nothing we could do about it. So, I think they’re going to bring in two guys to even it out or have an elimination challenge right off the bat.”
Lisa Whelchel: “There has to be more than one twist because the strategy of making an alliance of five and keeping it to the end is boring. The producers have to put an end to that. I’m thinking at least one tribe swap, maybe more to keep it unpredictable. Just doing the numbers here, there are six guys here and nine girls. (Gordon’s Note: Sounds perfect.) So, I think the obvious conclusion is they’re bringing two people from a previous season, but the odd number is throwing me off.”
Peter “Pete” Yurkowski: “I don’t know, I don’t think they’re going to do the male vs. female stuff because nobody likes it. I don’t think they’ll do old vs. young. I’ve been counting the numbers and I don’t think they have the numbers for it. The only twist they could do is bring people back, but I don’t think they’re going to do that. I think it’s going to be twist-free.”
Malcolm Freberg: “There’s only six guys sitting in there and nine girls, so there’s another variable. It’s hard to decide how you want to play the game when there’s such a big x-factor out there. There’s never been a season where the genders weren’t equal. Well, there was one, but that was because someone got pulled. So, unless this is “Survivor: Men Start Down” (Gordon’s Note: That’s a terrible subhead.) they have to even out the guys. I hope it’s not returning players. That’d just piss me off if I had to deal with that.”
Zane Knight: “It’s just my luck that here come these celebrities. You know how they bring in the former players? If you come on my island, you’re leaving. You don’t deserve another opportunity. I’m not going to run to you and go, “What do I do?” I don’t need you to show me how to fish. I don’t need you to show me how to build a shelter. Like Coach (Wade)? He comes in and handles this show. This wouldn’t happen with me. I would corrupt the whole tribe to get rid of Coach.”
Angie Layton: “I know there’s going to be two returning players and they’re going to be guys because there are eight guys and ten girls and that’s an odd number. They’ve returned so many, Russell is gone, Boston Rob (Mariano) is gone. Maybe that one dude who does all the yoga? Coach?”
Roxanne “Roxy” Morris: “There’s always a twist. It could be past members coming back to be leaders. I pray it’s not like “One World.” I pray it’s not all girls against guys. I’m not a sorority girl, I’m not used to hanging out with all girls. That would be God totally giving me an experience like “Get through this!”  I kind of hope they bring back Matt (Elrod) because I admire him and his faith.”
Denise Stapley: “I’m trying to read and look at the cast make-up. I honestly don’t know. I look across the tribe and it doesn’t look like it’s split by age. I see a lot of big boobs. So is it playmates vs. flatties? I don’t know. I’ve tried not to think too much into it.”

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