XFINITY On Demand: Dunst, Fisher and Caplan Make “A Dirtier, Smarter ‘Bridesmaids’

Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher, and Lizzy Caplan star in the very funny movie "Bachelorette," now available on XFINITY On Demand. (Weinstein Co.)

Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher and Lizzy Caplan enter the room with a burst of giggles and jokes. The three striking actresses shining brightly in designer-brand casual dresses just finished shooting a promotional segment for their new comedy Batchelorette on the XFINITY On Demand barker at the E! studios in Los Angeles and the fun time they had on camera is continuing unabated in a tiny green room. The room reverberates with laughter.

Did they have that good of a time? “We’re having a blast together,” says Dunst, explaining the interviews they’re doing for their indie rompstomper barely comes close to the fun they had making the picture she playfully refers to as “bitch-laurette.”

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Briefly, Bachelorette is the story of “three dysfunctional friends who attempt to leave the past behind while serving as bridesmaids at the wedding of a woman they mocked mercilessly (they called her ‘pig face) in high school.” The movie, which is now available on XFINITY On Demand, generated tons of buzz at the Sundance Film Festival and was referred to by Salon as a “dirtier, smarter Bridesmaids.” Dunst simply says, “Who wouldn’t want to see three hot chicks getting f—ed up? I read the script and was like, oh my God.”

With that as an introduction to this movie written and directed by playwright Leslye Headland (she adapted the movie from her play), Dunst, Fisher and Caplan settled down long enough to answer questions for Xfinity TV subscribers.

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What made you want to do this movie?
Lizzy Caplan: You don’t read a lot of comedy scripts when you’re a girl that are this dark and take it as far as our movie takes it. A lot of times you are playing more of the thankless two-dimensional girlfriend role and none of those roles existed in this movie and so I think that always makes comedic actresses super excited.

Isla Fisher: And it was a female director and a female writer and it was good to be part of that energy – to have some girl power.

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Kirsten Dunst: And I hadn’t done a comedy in a long time. I’d been looking for one for a long time, and then I loved the script, I thought Leslye is a genius and suddenly I was dying to do this movie.

What is the movie about?
Kristin Dunst: It’s about high school girls that have known each other forever coming back together for this wedding. And –

Isla Fisher: Hijinx ensues. A lot of sight gags, some physical comedy. A set piece that ends pretty well with a dress getting ripped and basically we end up almost destroying her wedding, but in fact, we all come together.

Did you know each other beforehand? Had you worked together?

Isla Fisher: Kristen asked me to get her a drink a few times presuming I was a waitress, you know.

Kirsten Dunst: I thought her husband was the waiter at the Academy Awards.

Lizzy Caplan: Really?

Kirsten Dunst: Me and my brother go up to Sasha [Baron Cohen]. He is standing alone by the bar and my brother said, “Can we please just get one glass of champagne before the thing starts?”

You didn’t recognize him?
Kirsten Dunst: He was very under cover at that point in his career and we didn’t recognize him right away. But then Isla and I bonded over that.

Isla Fisher: I heard very good things about the girls when I signed up.

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When you are watching it, or you have seen it, what would you advise people watching it to look for? What are the little things you noticed that somebody may not?
Kirsten Dunst: I have shown this movie to my brother now and a few of my girlfriends and they all like loved it. My brother and like all his like guy friends loved the movie. They were laughing the entire time. It was so – it is so comforting to me when I know, like when I show the movie to my brother and he loves it, I’m like okay, this is good.

Isla Fisher: my husband loves it and he thinks everything is shit. That’s it. He doesn’t ever smile; he is just like this. He sat through it – and smiled and laughed.

Kirsten Dunst: I think it’s refreshing to see girls act this way.

Lizzy Caplan: Totally.

Isla Fisher: But I have to give kudos to Kiki, because day one we had to be wasted throughout the movie and I really hadn’t thought that through when I took the gig. Like that’s an impediment that I never considered. And she said spit on the spot. Do you remember that? That was like Kiki D’s acting tip. But it was – it really worked.

Kirsten Dunst: Allison Janney taught me that trick.

Wait, what is the trick?

Kirsten Dunst: You spin around in circles. Like literally as much as she said, until they call action, and you cannot like stand up.

Isla Fisher: And people come to me, it is so believable as a drunk and I’m like Kiki D.

Lizzy Caplan: It is really stupid when you are doing it.

Kirsten Dunst: Yeah, it’s funny.

Isla Fisher: And people kind of respect you for it because you have made a choice to look stupid right before a take, rather than during it.

Do you have a favorite scene?
Isla Fisher: I like the wedding.

Kirsten Dunst: I like the ripping of the wedding dress.

Lizzy Caplan: Yeah, that’s a good scene.

Isla Fisher: Now I like weirdly enough the two girls doing that stupid dance. At the time I was like okay. Now I like it. It’s hilarious.Kiki said the best when she said there are no movie moments in this movie. Nothing feels contrived or over staged. It feels really organic and like we improvised it, which did at times.

Who is this movie for?
Isla Fisher: Everybody. There is full frontal nudity from all of us.

Lizzy Caplan: Boys love it.

Kirsten Dunst: They really do. My brother loves it. He’s a 25-year-old dude. My cousin loves it; she’s a 25-year-old chick. I feel like all my girlfriends who are early 30’s loved it.

Isla Fisher: Definitely girls. My mom loved it. My mom loved it, loved it, loved it.

Kirsten Dunst: Your mom loved it?

Isla Fisher: Loved it. She sat like this far away (very close) from my computer. Shushing me the whole time.

Lizzie Caplan: I think boys will be surprised by how much they like it, because we act more like crazy people than a girly movie.

Our XFINITY On Demand customers have thousands of choices. Why should they choose this movie?
Kirsten Dunst: What makes a good movie is the chemistry of people, what they bring out of each other. And I think that our chemistry together as girls is really good and refreshing. It feels like real friendship.

Isla Fisher: It’s good and fun.

Lizzie Caplan: And funny. What more do you need?

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