Topic of Kristen Didn’t Come Up When Pattinson Went on ‘Kimmel’

Robert Pattinson (left) and Jimmy Kimmel didn't discuss Kristen Stewart (inset) on "JKL" (Photos: Getty Images, ABC)

Kristen Stewart was apparently a forbidden topic of discussion when Robert Pattinson appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Wednesday night.

It was the “Twilight” heartthrob’s third talk-show appearance recently, and the first time he wasn’t even asked about how he’s feeling in the wake of revelations that his girlfriend and “Twilight” co-star had an affair with her director on the set of her movie, “Snow White and the Huntsman.”

Last week, on “The Daily Show” and “Good Morning America,” Pattinson was at least asked, however vaguely, about how he’s handling his public split with Stewart by interviewers Jon Stewart and George Stephanopoulos, respectively.

But Jimmy Kimmel didn’t even raise the subject at all, although it almost came up at one point when Jimmy asked him: “The last time you were here, I think you were homeless,” an apparently reference to some story Pattinson must have told him in a previous appearance.

“I still am!” Pattinson said, a reference to the fact that he has moved out of the house he shared with Stewart.


Despite being given this opportunity to pursue a line of questioning about the Stewart situation, Kimmel didn’t go in that direction. And we had this thought: Asking Pattinson to comment on this aspect of his private life was likely banned as a condition of Pattinson coming on the show.

Instead of getting into the Kristen story, the two talked about how Pattinson likes to buy cars on Craigslist and also about his new movie, “Cosmopolis.”

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