‘Big Brother’ Evictee Ashley Iocco: Ian Has an Evil Side

"Big Brother": Ashley Iocco, 26, owner of a mobile spray tan company from Pittsburgh, Pa. (Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS)

Ashley Iocco may have looked like the dumb blonde on “Big Brother,” but her sweetly ditzy ways couldn’t save the mobile tanning expert from getting evicted from the show on Thursday night. In a blockbuster double elimination, “Big Brother” veteran Mike “Boogie” Malin was first sent home, then Ashley got cut. Both competitors were betrayed by nerdy engineering student Ian Terry. Although Ashley wasn’t a threat (she couldn’t win a competition to save her life) and Ian had a huge crush on her, he nominated the blonde for elimination.

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Now Ashley’s big smile and head-scratching comments will be missed by “Big Brother” fans (at least until she comes back as part of the jury that decides the winner). Here, in an XfinityTV.com exclusive interview, she reflects on her surprising exit, “showmances” with Ian and Frank, and her obvious missteps in the game.

How did it feel being evicted from the “Big Brother” house?
Terrible. I was totally shocked. I never expected it in a million years. It definitely wasn’t part of the plan.

You weren’t a threat in the house so why were you voted off so soon?
I think the big dogs had a master plan to get the “floaters” out so they could have an even playing field.

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You seemed devastated when Ian nominated you for eviction. Do you think he’s a weasel?
Of course I do. I thought Ian had my back. He owes me a huge apology.

The show played up his crush on you. Did you ever really consider Ian as a boyfriend prospect?
No. I never would have dated Ian in my real life, but I adored him. It was mutual. We were both just playing around. I loved playing the game with him. But he does have an evil side that I did see.

Ian definitely looks like he could use your tanning service—would you help him with that after the show?
Sure, yes. He needs a tan bad!

You had a makeout session with Frank on the show. What do you think of him?
His hair and headbands bothered me, but I think he’s a really great person.

Any chance of a real romance with Frank?
No. It was just a “showmance.”

Would you do anything differently if you had it to do over again?
I would have played my role further in the game as a floater. And I would have established the girl alliance.

Did you think some of the competitions were too hard?
Hell, yeah! The comps are way harder than they look on TV.

But you shot yourself in the foot at a crucial time. Why did you forfeit your guess during the candy counting competition, thereby losing automatically to Frank?
In the heat of the moment, I didn’t realize that by forfeiting I was giving the victory to Frank. He was playing so conservatively that I just assumed he would have folded and I could have made my move in the next round.

Why did you vote to evict Jenn [Arroyo] instead of Boogie?
I thought we had a shot to get the votes to save Boogie. There was so much scheming going on that I thought we could make it happen.

How hard was it living with everybody?
Janelle [Pierzina] did have all of her stuff spread out all over the place [but] I never had a problem getting the bathroom when I needed it.

Was there too much junk food in the house?
Yeah. I ate so much junk food compared to my normal life. I definitely need a master cleanse.

Who will you miss most?
I will miss Britney [Haynes] the most because she always made me laugh—even when I was crying!

What are you doing next? Do you have any show business aspirations?
I’m always open to opportunities, but I’m looking forward to building my mobile tanning business.

What did Big Brother teach you?
I learned so much—to have more confidence in myself, that I need to trust my instincts more, be kind to everyone but be realistic.

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