‘Big Brother’s Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin Blindsided by Ian’s Betrayal

"Big Brother": Coach Mike “Boogie” Malin, 41, a restaurateur from Los Angeles, Calif. (Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS)

In one of the most dramatic moments in “Big Brother” history, legendary player Mike “Boogie” Malin was sent packing Thursday night thanks to the betrayal of his nerdy protégé, Ian Terry. During Boogie’s third stint on the hit CBS reality show, the wily former “Big Brother All-Stars” winner was blindsided by the kid he treated like his little brother! And after Boogie was evicted, Ian told the restaurant owner in a goodbye message how he had secretly formed a “quack pack” alliance to vote him off.

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Fans can’t stop talking and tweeting about the shocking demise of the reality villain, and here, Boogie tells xfinitytv in an exclusive interview about how he feels about Ian, what the engineering student gave him as a parting gift, hygiene problems in the house, his hopes for “Big Brother” buddy Frank Eudy, and what his own life will be like after the show.

How did it feel being eliminated?
It’s never nice to lose but I kind of expected it. I fought ‘til the end and it was not really a surprise to me. I knew that the majority of the house was after me and I knew that [chef] Joe [Arvin] was probably not going to vote my way and it was just such an uphill battle to try to convince them to keep me. Frank and I were big threats in the house and they had to get rid of one of us and he wasn’t available, so they got rid of me.

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Why didn’t you see Ian’s double cross coming?
Obviously, it was well disguised! He’s just an innocent kid who I thought was overwhelmed by the experience and from his mannerisms to every way I dealt with him—there was no way I could see it coming. The thing is, I still don’t even know the inner workings of it. I haven’t seen the episodes so I don’t exactly know what happened, but clearly, there was something more going on there.

What did Ian hand you before you left the house?
Ian is very proud of this three dollar sunglass collection he has and for some reason, he felt that was some sort of symbolic nice way of saying goodbye as he screwed me over. He’s got like eight pairs of these sunglasses and I guess to him, they have this big meaning. His vote and what he did said more than those sunglasses. But thanks for reminding me! I should sell those [on EBay]! Those will fetch some money.

How do you feel about the kid now?
I respect him more than I ever could have imagined. I loved the kid anyways. But kind of the way I’m thinking about it is, my favorite movie is Wall Street and at the end, Charlie Sheen [‘s character] kind of gets one over on Gordon Gekko and that’s kind of what happened here. Ian was my player, I coached him well. It was probably one of the reasons he was able to fire up and do what he did and I actually loved it. Before that happened, I was leaving in a way that was—I didn’t like losing to these people who didn’t know what they were doing and weren’t even really playing the game and Ian did that. It makes me feel a lot better about my eviction.

Why were you Tebow-ing when you walked out the door?
I had thought so much about football season coming up and in [the house], you speculate so much about what’s going on in the outside world and I assumed that although he’s probably not the starting quarterback, Tebow-mania was a talked-about subject and I thought it was just a fun thing to do.

Do you wish you had changed your strategy in the house?
Absolutely not. I play with no fear and no regrets. I’m very happy with the way I played. Obviously I was thrust into a difficult situation with the big twist [the game reset in which coaches turned into players] and I did the best I could and I’m very proud of my performance.

Every reality show needs an edgy character like you. What will “Big Brother 14” look like without Boogie?
I think it’s going to be awesome. It’ll be interesting to see the power shifts going forward. I don’t know what happened when I left but there’s obviously a big group in that house but as you know from seeing seasons of the past, big groups can’t stick together. All it takes is someone on the other side like Frank to win an HOH [Head of Household] and they can separate and fragment the big group and then things change. The next few weeks should be very entertaining and I’ll be able to watch from my couch! [Laughs]

You would have really rather stayed a coach in the game, right?
Yes. I did not press the reset button and other people did. I would have rather stayed a coach because of my experience and reputation in the game. The odds of me being able to go all the way [as a coach] would have been pretty insurmountable and having the opportunity of leaving with a six-figure [coach’s winner] check. That’s the way the cookie crumbles on “Big Brother.” Expect the unexpected.

Why did you bond so well with Frank?
Frank reminded me very much of [former “Big Brother” co-star] Will [Kirby]. I knew he would be a loyal person. He knows the game better than some people did on All-Stars. He’s a longtime fan of the show; he’s tried to get on the show for three years. He’s been an alternate; he’s been a finalist. He’s come close and this year, he got on there and he didn’t disappoint me in any way. He’s a great player and I was proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder and go to battle with him.

Can Frank win?
It seems like an uphill battle. The power can shift in that house. We saw it last year. Anything can happen. You just need to get a little power and fragment the group. You got to get rid of Dan [Gheesling]. If you can get Dan out of that house, Frank can maybe snatch up one or two from the other side.

Were there funny hygiene issues in the house?
I’m used to it after a few times, living with all those people. Frank and Ian took long showers. Joe wasn’t the cleanest guy with the food and the cooking. Sometimes he wouldn’t wash his hands when he was preparing food for lots of people and he picked up ice cubes off the floor and put them in his drink. Britney [Haynes] is the biggest slob in the house. Britney eats and drinks things and leaves them wherever she feels like setting them down and it’s just odd to me that the woman is married. I can’t imagine what her house looks like back in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Britney has charged that you had Botox. Your reaction?
[Laughs] She was making lots of accusations about plastic surgery but Britney’s not quite as smart as everyone thinks.

So you haven’t used Botox?

Did you take home any “Big Brother” swag other than Ian’s sunglasses?
Yeah. Last time I didn’t save as many things and this time I tried to take a little something from every contest. I’ll probably sell some of it on EBay [laughs]—the “Big Brother” coach’s bag is apparently the one that fetches the most money and I’ll put a little money towards Brady Malin’s college fund.

What did you do to keep from getting homesick in the house?
I just really got immersed in the game. It was a very trying season; I had to work harder this year in the short time I was there versus winning the entire thing last time and we were in trouble every week. I was obviously homesick—I missed my baby, my friends and family but I brought in one shirt you probably saw with a picture of my baby and I thought of him often. But you have to keep your head in the game.

What will you do with your wife and son now that you’re free?
I’m not married to the baby’s mother. I just want to give them a big hug and a kiss and I’m really excited to spend some time with them tonight and see all the new little things he’s doing. See if he’s crawling, he’s 11 months old next week. Just be near him and watch a few episodes [of “Big Brother”] and see what’s going on on that show!

What will you do careerwise?
I’m just staying in the restaurant business, going to go back to my work. I would definitely go back [on “Big Brother” again] if they asked me. But now, I’m adjusting to life

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