Caroline Manzo Calls Teresa Giudice a ‘Disgrace’ and ‘Fraud’ on ‘RHONJ’

Caroline Manzo on The Real Housewives of New Jersey (Bravo)

An all-out Armageddon was about to unfold on Sunday night’s “Real Housewives of New Jersey” when Caroline unleashed her pent-up fury on Teresa on the last night of their California misadventures. The tirade between the ladies was a back and forth bloodbath of words, with Caroline doing most of the “F-You, I’m done” clucking and Tre revealing her demon voice that seems to come out whenever she’s about to beat her chest and flip out like King Kong.

Although good-intentioned Kathy tried to get Tre and Caroline to make up, it backfired more than a sick baby with diarrhea.

“I look at her and I see ugly; I see an ugly human being,” Caroline said.

Although Jacqueline looked pretty pathetic pretending she was sleeping and Melissa and Kathy were silently sitting around trying not to ruffle the waters, Caroline brought the convo back to what everyone was thinking about but vehemently didn’t want to discuss: Teresa’s need to spread lies and insults about all of them in the tabloids and her cookbook just to make a buck.

“You are a disgrace!” screamed Caroline after Tre denied responsibility for what was being said in the glossies. But Mama Hen wasn’t done and told her dark enemy that she was a “liar” and a “fraud.”

“At least I can look at you and tell you, you suck,” Caroline blasted. (Once a drunk Joe Giudice started flipping out on Caroline, the Manzo Men braced themselves for the possibility of tearing up a rotund, cigar-smoking meatball with their bare hands.)

Refusing to admit she said one negative thing about the red-headed matriarch, Teresa’s demon voice raged out of her pie-hole. “I swear on my kids!!!” she crazily retorted. Trying to get Kathy to back her up, she showed the ultimate disrespect by grabbing her cousin’s face to get her attention. “Don’t put your hands on me!” Kathy warned.

Sick of the madness, Joe Giudice grabbed his wife and told her he booked an earlier flight and that they’re getting the hell outta dodge stat. But Teresa stomped back over to an exhausted Caroline to reiterate her innocence and said she can prove it.

“Teresa, it’s over,” Caroline coldly stated, looking away in disgust.

If only we could assure you the daggum bloodbath was over…oh, they’re just getting warmed up, baby.

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