‘Castle’ Promo: Will a Dream Night Turn Into a Nightmare for Castle and Beckett?

Castle (ABC)

Last season, “Castle” fans were rewarded for years of patient shipping when Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic) finally made love at the end of the season finale. So this season the two will be holding hands as they blissfully solve cases together, right? Maybe not. A brand new promo shows the duo’s romance may be shortlived. The conspiracy that is responsible for Beckett’s mother’s death is coming after her. Has Castle and Beckett’s decision to be completely honest with each other about both their feelings and the information they have put the duo in danger? Let’s Zapruder the promo below and find out.

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The teaser opens with a shot of Beckett and Castle kissing (yay!) followed by Castle saying “So it wasn’t a dream.” (Double yay! It would have been the worst twist ever if it was.)

Then cut to a shot of files from the ongoing investigation into Beckett’s mother’s death followed by Beckett saying, “They’re coming for me” (Nooooo!) then her running down a hallway decorated with campaign posters, presumably for the New York City mayoral election which has figured into the show’s ongoing story arc. (It was bad enough when you decided to ban large sodas, Mayor Bloomberg. Interfering with Caskett is going too far!)

An announcer’s voice intones that, “It may be the biggest mistake they’ve ever made!” Cut to an explosion in a building where Castle and Beckett appear to be standing, then quick cut to Castle waking up alone in bed.  Could Beckett be dead? Of course not. There wouldn’t be a show. But the couple may be pulled apart due to circumstances beyond their control. Watch the clip a dozen more times to see if you can figure out the context, then tune in to the season premiere on September 24 at 10/9c on ABC.

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