‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Winner Calls Clay Aiken ‘Racist’

John Rich on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' (Photo: NBC)

After posting a quip about the Republican National Convention, Clay Aiken is now being called “racist” by a fellow former “Celebrity Apprentice” contestant.

Aiken sent a message to his followers on Twitter while apparently watching the RNC in Tampa. The post read: “Playing drinking game with my brother now. We drink every time we see a black person on screen at the RNC convention. #soberasamormon”

That didn’t sit well with John Rich, a fellow singer and one-time contestant on “Celebrity Apprentice.” Rich responded with a hard shot to Aiken’s bow. Rich, a Republican who has 105,408 Twitter followers, then retweeted Aiken’s message with some commentary about Aiken’s post.

“CLAY! You should be ashamed for racist comments like THAT! WOW. … I wonder how long it will be till @clayaiken takes that idiotic post down. Clay, you’re better than that…I hope. Sincerely, JR. … And to finish it off, @clayaiken hashtags soberasamormon? I thought your charity was for inclusion, not EXCLUSION. What happened?”

Aiken, however, did not delete the post and instead fired back. “My charity is. Why isn’t your party? ;-)”

No word yet from Donald Trump.

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