Big Brother Evictee Britney on Dan: ‘He Really is a Mastermind’

Britney Haynes on "Big Brother" (CBS)

Big Brother 14” star Britney Haynes seemed like she had all the right stuff to make it to the finale – she’d been on the reality show before and joined two alliances this season.

But the pretty blonde was stabbed in the back by fellow coach-turned-player Dan Gheesling, who made one of the biggest comebacks in “Big Brother” history by staging a mock “funeral” for himself and then convincing other houseguests to save him from eviction. Britney was nominated in Dan’s place, and on Thursday night, the pharmaceutical sales rep’s rival competitors sent her home.

Now that she’s had time to absorb her shocking ouster, Britney candidly reveals to Xfinity TV her feelings about Dan and “Big Brother” front-runner Frank Eudy, her friendship with Ian Terry, and what she’s doing next. Who farted and who snored in the house? Read on as Britney tells all!

How did it feel being evicted?

Not good! I was very surprised.

Would you have changed your strategy if you had to do it over again?

I would. My allegiance to Ian was working out better for me when it was a secret.

Can you believe Dan talked his way off the block and made you the target in his place?

Yes, I can believe it. Dan is capable of anything. He makes everyone else in the house look like total amateur hour. His “funeral” was a joke.

Dan’s move is being described as one of the most devious ever on Big Brother. Your thoughts?

He really is a mastermind.

How do you feel about Dan now?

I really don’t hate him as a person. He did what he had to do to survive another week which is the most you can do as a player in Big Brother. But I do hate playing against him in the game.

How much do you wish you could attend a real “funeral” for Dan?

I will be in attendance at his next one, and I won’t cry as much as I did at the first one!

How about Frank? Do you hate him?

I can’t stand Frank! He is boisterous, narcissistic, and extremely flatulent.

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What do you think Big Brother 14 will be like without Britney? You’ve been such a key player all season.

I think there are really good competitors left in the house. I anticipate Dan, Danielle and/ or Ian will lead the house for the rest of the season.

How do you feel about being a player versus being a coach this season?

I really enjoyed being a coach and doing more guiding as opposed to leading. But I accepted the player role whole heartedly and gave that my best effort.

Why did you bond so well with Ian?

He reminds me so much of my real life little brother. We just clicked. We were an unlikely pair, but in my opinion, a perfect pair.

Is Ian your favorite to win?

I’d like to see Ian or Danielle walk away with the top prize.

What did you learn about yourself by participating in the Big Brother competition again?
I had to prove myself that I could even play the game. I feel that I worked extremely hard so I know I was actually playing.

Wil [Heuser] and Mike Boogie [Malin] told me you were the messiest person in the house. True?

Actually, it’s kind of hilarious, but the messiest people in the house were myself and Janelle [Pierzina]. We would laugh about being the housewives in the house, but we would leave messes all over the place. Our clothes and make up were all over the bathroom!

Who snored the loudest?

Absolutely no question, [chef] Joe [Arvin]! If you think he talks loud, you should hear him snore.

You seemed to always be eating bowls of cereal. Will you swear off that Big Brother diet when you get home?

Absolutely not! That is the staple of my diet and it constitutes at least one meal a day.

The Big Brother house is pretty crazy looking. If you had to remodel the Big Brother house, what would you do to it?

It was so not my aesthetic. I don’t appreciate this whole neon-colored, ultra modern décor. I think it could use just a good tone down.

What did you do to keep from getting homesick?

I didn’t keep from getting homesick; I was homesick every day. I mostly missed [my husband’s] company. He is my best friend and it was hard to be apart for that long.

Did you take home any swag from the Big Brother house?

No. All of the new people of the season were eager about swiping mementos from the house so there was nothing left. I’ll just take the memories.

What are you doing next?

I’m assuming I will just go back to pharmaceutical sales. Selling drugs seems to be my forte. I would love to come back to “Big Brother” – to visit! Ha!

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