‘Castle’ Scoop: Will Castle and Beckett Live Happily Ever After?

Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic in "Castle" (ABC)

After four years of smoldering sexual tension, Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic) finally slept together in the season 4 finale. Now fans are wondering what the aftermath of the “Castle” hook up will be.

So many other sexual tension driven series lost their hook once the couple got together, while others wimped out by never allowing the pairing to be together (“X Files,” we still have not forgiven or forgotten).

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“Castle'” showrunner Andrew Marlowe promises that fans will get to see a true Caskett relationship — but that does not mean that the duo will live happily, and boringly ever after.

“The question is always, How do you keep any show from becoming stale?” Marlowe reveals in an interview with XfinityTV.com. “I thought that we were in danger of that by not putting them together. I thought we’d told all the story we could tell not having them together. It felt like this was the next evolution.

“But if we stay true to the characters, I think that there is plenty of fun to be mined and it’s not all smooth sailing in the relationship.”

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Below, Marlowe teases tantalizing tidbits about the Caskett romance, the upcoming season’s crazy cases and the show’s other supercouple, Ryan (Seamus Dever) and Esposito (Jon Huertas).

Castle and Beckett’s Morning After: The season premiere picks up the day after the Season 4 finale. “In terms of the Castle/Beckett relationship, we felt we owe the audience the opportunity to see them wake up in the morning and see how they both felt about what happened the previous night,” says Marlowe.

After The Morning After: The premiere will also deal with another dangling plot:  “When we left our episode last season, we did leave Beckett under threat. The last scene that people saw was somebody threatening to put Beckett into the ground. So as much as Beckett wanted to walk away in the season finale last year, I think she’ll find that events drag her back into something that she may not want to be a part of or be ready for but when it comes up the doorstep, how is she going to handle it and what role is Castle going to play?”

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Fortunately, there will be some resolution to the conspiracy storyline: “We get a pretty significant bite and put to bed a lot of the aspects of Beckett’s mother’s conspiracy in the first episode. So I think we do something that allows the characters to move beyond that storyline, but that doesn’t mean that it might not rear its ugly head.”

Caskett Keeps Their Relationship a Secret: Though Castle and Beckett are thrilled about their burgeoning relationship, they opt not to share their happiness with their friends at the precinct. “They still want to be able to work together and NYPD rules prevent partners who are in romantic relationships from working together, so if people find out it could potentially threaten their relationship,” Marlowe reveals.

Deeper Emotional Reasons Why Caskett Chooses to Keep Quiet about Their Facebook Status Change
: “In the early going, they’re both really protective of the relationship. They’re asking, ‘What is this? Is it real?’ Are they ready to share this with other people? Do they want to live it for themselves? Are they prepared for the kind of s–t they’re going to get from Ryan and Esposito or Mom and Alexis? So I think there are all sorts of reasons why they want to keep it to themselves while they try to figure it out.

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Castle and Beckett Will Find Time for (Secret) Romance: “We have an episode where we’re going out to the Hamptons to Castle’s summer place there. They’re getting away for the weekend…Despite the best laid plans for a romantic weekend away, they end up enmeshed in the middle of a murder investigation when it kind of comes to their doorstep. In honor of Jessica Fletcher always having a body drop no matter where she goes, that episode is called ‘Murder, He Wrote.’ They may even plan a family dinner,” says Marlowe, adding, “We’ve been talking about an episode where one of the B story runners in it is a ‘Meet the Parents’ sort of thing. What happens when Martha (Susan Sullivan) and Beckett’s Dad get together for the first time?”  These experiences will help them define their relationship.

Ryan and Esposito Attempt to Hug It Out: Ryan and Esposito clashed last season over whether to tell Captain Gates (Penny Johnson Jerald) about Beckett’s investigation of her mother’s death. This season they have to make up. “In the initial episodes, they have to repair their relationship,” says Marlowe. “There was quite a rift between them at the end of last season. So I think that they are going to be struggling to find their way back to a much more easygoing relationship but it’s certainly going to be strained. As we go forward in the season we’ll explore who those guys are. Where are Ryan and Jenny in their marriage? What’s the next step for them?

The Single Guy: Esposito’s sort of the only single guy now in the precinct. How does he deal with that and the on-again, off-again relationship that he has with our medical examiner Lanie Parrish (Tamala Jones).

Speaking of the Captain: “We’re going to be showing the audience a little bit more of who Captain Gates is,” says Marlowe.  There are also big changes for Alexis (Molly Quinn) who starts college. “I think it’s a tough moment when the two of them have to say goodbye to each other but the virtue is she’s going to college in town so she still shows up. She’s still around. She’s still there to give helpful advice and she still comes home and scatters her belongings everywhere and does her laundry sometimes, much to Castle’s chagrin.”

The Beautiful Weather Girl Culture: “Castle” has investigated murders involving the steampunk scene and zombie walks. The fifth season will feature even quirkier cases. Says Marlowe, “One of our early ones is the death of a weather girl at a local news station that takes us into the snake pit, backstabbing world of local news and all the various personalities that occupy it. A little bit into the beautiful woman weather girl culture that we have so much of in L.A. and in New York as well. Certainly, in that episode one of the things that’s exposed in the work place that we’re investigating is the inappropriate workplace which will reflect back on the Castle-Beckett relationship, of course.

Another Cool Episode: Then there’s an interesting, fun episode where we get to see all of our characters through a much different lens where we basically walk into somebody else’s documentary. Somebody’s making a documentary on an up and coming rock band and their lead guitarist has just been killed and our guys walk into the documentary so it’s a different style of seeing our characters as they either mug or hide from the cameras given who they are.”

“Castle” premieres on Monday, Sept. 24 at 10/9c on ABC.

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