Big Brother Evictee Chef Joe Arvin: How His Big Mouth Hurt His Game

"Big Brother's" Chef Joe Arvin (CBS)

He was loud, large, handy with a frying pan but never in charge. It was no real surprise that Chef Joe Arvin was eliminated on “Big Brother” Thursday night as he’d so often been on the chopping block this season. The homespun, plain spoken Kentucky cook who was known for his ear splitting voice finally couldn’t avoid the manipulations of other houseguests such as Dan Gheesling and Ian Terry. So Joe was sent packing along with Frank Eudy on double elimination night.

Here, in an exclusive interview with Xfinitytv, Joe describes why he couldn’t compete, how he feels about Dan, how his big mouth hurt him in the house, his 15 pound weight loss as well as his dreams of hosting his own cooking show.

How did it feel being evicted?

It was very odd for me in the sense that I didn’t feel angry in any way. I just simply felt wow, what’s next? I was about to meet [host] Julie [Chen] and I knew my time had come.

How surprised were you to be going home?

I knew in my heart that if I wasn’t able to win competitions that it would be the end for me.

So not being strong in the competitions was your downfall?

Yes. When you don’t win a competition you never have a chance to protect yourself. If you don’t win, you can be on the block every week and you can only campaign so much. As I said, I knew I needed a win. It would have been huge for me, but I just couldn’t pull it out.

Were the competitions too hard on your body – or your mind?

For me, the age factor was what hurt me. Not being a youngster in my prime is what killed me. I’m definitely not in my prime in my competitive life. I felt there was a little bit of luck in it all but I obviously didn’t get that luck.

Would you do anything differently with your strategy if you had to do it over again?

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I would have started slower. I felt like I was gaining too fast in the beginning. I would have tried very seriously to be quieter in the house. Every time I tried to strategize, people could hear me in the other room. I should learn to whisper. Whispering is not overrated in the Big Brother house!

Have you always been a loud talker?

Yeah – I personally call it passion. I grew up with two older brothers and I had to yell for things a lot.

Britney [Haynes] said you snored loudly as well as talking too loud. True?

Snoring I have no idea because I obviously was asleep. It is possible. I have been told that I am loud; that comes from my wife. She quiets me a lot.

What do you think of Dan?

The ultimate gamer. I call him the silent assassin.

Wil [Heuser] said your cooking was too greasy. What’s your response?

Wil had his own special diet. I tried to cook for a group and not for individuals. Had I cooked individually for him I probably would have cooked a lot cleaner foods. After all, I thought he was from Kentucky and liked good ole fashioned country food.

If you had to remodel the Big Brother house, what would you do to it?

Take out about half of the lights. I could wear my sunglasses with those colors and lights if I chose to! I would tone it down a bit.

What did you do to keep from getting homesick for your wife and kids?

Not getting homesick was absolutely impossible [but] I would take memories such as sports and holidays and replay them in my mind.

What will your wife say about your participation in Big Brother?

My wife will say that it was a lonely time apart but the reunion will be well worth it. She will say that she knew that I had to follow a dream and she was willing to let that take me wherever it needed to go.

Did you lose any weight while in the house? If so, how many pounds?

I lost 15 pounds due to Shane [Meaney]’s boot camp.

Did you take home any mementoes from the Big Brother house? If so, what was it and why?

Nope. I really didn’t.

Do you want to get your own cooking show next?

Obviously my number one dream in life is to have a cooking show. I will follow all paths that lead me into a cooking show and [to creating a restaurant to be called] Mad Love Bistro. I have plans to complete a cookbook and do book tours.

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