Danes on ‘Fallon’: ‘Homeland’ Star Reveals How New Season Starts

Claire Danes with Jimmy Fallon Thursday night (Photo: NBC)

Claire Danes remained mum on the details (as an actress playing a CIA agent should be), but she did reveal how her Showtime series “Homeland” will start its second season.

She talked about the show — in which she plays a CIA operative whose job has severely impacted her mental health (to say the least) — Thursday night on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” on NBC.

“Now Season Two, without ruining anything, can you tell what it’s about, what’s happening this season?” Jimmy Fallon asked her.

“Yes,” Danes answered, “we find my character six months after her electric convulsive therapy treatment. She’s doing much better.

“She’s no longer convulsing, for a start!” she said, laughing.

“She’s living with her sister and she’s kind of accepted that she’s going to have to reconstruct her life and not do this work that is too dangerous for her mentally,” Danes said of her character, who was dismissed from the agency last season. “And then it doesn’t take very long before the CIA calls and brings her back in for what’s supposed to be just an an isolated free-lance job, a three-day affair. And, of course, it’s a little more protracted than that.”

Fallon then showed a clip — the scene in which Danes’ character is asked to take up this “free-lance” assignment, and she is very resistant to the idea.

Watch Claire Danes on “Fallon” here:
[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Late-Night-With-Jimmy-Fallon/102993/2276784701/Thu%2C-Sep-6%2C-2012/embed?skipTo=1080 580 476]

“Homeland” returns to Showtime for its second season on Sunday, Sept. 30, at 10/9c.

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