‘Big Brother’s’ Frank Eudy on Why He Was Evicted

"Big Brother" cast-off Frank Eudy discusses his fate with Julie Chen (Photo: CBS)

“Big Brother” frontrunner Frank Eudy was always winning the show’s tests of skill – and strategizing constantly.

But the other houseguests saw him as a huge threat and conspired to get rid of the unemployed player all season.

They finally succeeded in evicting him Thursday night after Frank lost a key competition to Dan Gheesling, who also betrayed their alliance.

Now the carrot top with the country accent is telling all to Xfinitytv about his hatred for Dan, his bromance with Mike “Boogie” Malin, showmance with Ashley Iocco, and what we really want to know: How did he maintain his fabulous curly mane in the “Big Brother” house!

How did it feel to be evicted? On one hand, I was proud of myself for the game I played, but on the other, I felt that I disappointed friends, family and fans, as well as Mike and Ashley, because they went home because of me.

Would you do anything differently with your strategy if you had to do it over again? Yes, obviously if I could start the game over again and know who would stick by what they say, I would have aligned with those people early on. And, I would have gotten Dan and Danielle [Murphree] out [in] week two.

What do you think of Dan? I think he checks his integrity and character at the door when he walks in, and I think he walks out with less than he came in with.

Watch last week’s episode of “Big Brother”:
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You won so many competitions. Do you think it’s unfair that weaker players survived while you went home? Absolutely not. Not everybody is going to compete well and there is a lot of pressure in those competitions. I did not compete well in my first four POVs and it took me a while to calm my nerves to play better, so I understand that not everyone is going to compete as strongly.

Was the writing on the wall for you when Mike Boogie was sent packing? I think if he would have survived longer, it would have helped me. Mike and I making it to the final two was a pipe dream. The odds of both of us making it to the end were very unlikely. Do I wish we could have made it to the final two? Absolutely.

What was the hardest part about living in the house? I guess there are two things: people who are just messy and didn’t clean up after themselves. And having to always put on a mask and laugh and get along with everyone, even though I probably wouldn’t socialize with these people outside of the house!

Fans would like to know how you maintained your curly locks in the house. I actually have to give props to the low humidity in southern California; it really helps with my out-of-control hair. It is nice to know that everyone is not yelling at the screen, telling me to get a haircut! One important key was using my own shampoo and conditioner and not what was provided.

Does the “Big Brother” house need a remodel? I would absolutely add two extra toilets — one inside and one outside. One toilet in the downstairs area for 16 people is just not enough!

What did you do to keep from getting homesick? One thing that absolutely helped me was Mike. We had a strong connection and had conversations where I could trust him and know that the conversations were just between the two of us. Also, I absolutely delved deep into the game where that was almost all I thought about — and it kept my mind off the outside world.

Were you able to work out a lot in the house? Yes, with the exception of when I was wearing the punishment costumes – mostly the carrot costume – which prohibited me from working out.

What will your wrestler dad [Sidney Eudy, aka WWE’s Sid Vicious] say about your behavior on the show? My dad is absolutely supportive. I’m sure he has been bragging about me since the premiere and will probably do his best to console me for not winning.

Ashley told Xfinitytv that your little relationship in the house was just a “showmance.” True? Ashley and I live across the country from each other so of course it was a showmance. Anything else is pretty unrealistic.

What did you take home from the “Big Brother” house? I grabbed my competition outfits and two things that were the most important to me, the red veto I won on eviction night when my back was against the wall, and of course Teddy B from day one.

What will you do next? I guess the main reason I didn’t have a job going into this show is that I haven’t figured out what I want to do yet. I hoped “Big Brother” might open some doors for me, but not necessarily in the entertainment business.

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