‘The Talk’: ‘Modern Family’ Star Opens Up About Coming Out

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Sharon Osbourne on The Talk (CBS)

Modern Family” star Jesse Tyler Ferguson sat down with the hosts of “The Talk” Tuesday afternoon and wasted no time before diving into some revealing talk about his personal life and his character on the hit ABC show.

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While the openly gay star has been happily coupled with lawyer Justin Mikita for the past two years, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing as far as his sexuality is concerned, something he has in common with his “Modern Family” character, Mitchell.

“In the show ‘Modern Family,’ your character and his dad, who’s played by Ed O’Neill, have some problems. Your relationship’s always evolving. Why is that?” asked Sharon Osbourne.

“Well, Jay is not terribly comfortable with Mitchell’s sexuality, which I think is such a smart way about going with the series,” explained Ferguson. “I feel like a lot of people who watch are show are maybe watching a gay couple for the first time and are thinking, ‘I don’t know if it makes me quite so comfortable either,’ and then he’s the character that’s sort of their voice. So, I think it’s an in for a lot of people, and then while he’s also evolving, maybe they’re evolving as well.”

“My father is actually a lot like Ed O’Neill. I had to come out to my dad three times,” said Ferguson. “I don’t know if he was just forgetting… or if there was a weird noise and he was distracted. My sister’s also gay and she came out to my dad — and this is after I had come out to him twice already — and he was surprisingly accepting of her. And so she’s like, ‘I’m so surprised that you’ve been so generous, and with Jesse being gay…’ and I’m 28 at this point, by the way, and my dad goes, ‘So Jesse is gay?’ He’s got it now.”

In addition to showing off a photo of his boyfriend, Ferguson was happy to give the audience a peek at some of the awkward childhood photos his mother provides “Modern Family” producers as set decoration. ” “I had a lot of bullies growing up, and that’s the kid that they remember bullying, so I’m like, ‘Look at me now!'”

Ferguson wasn’t the only one who had some showing off to do. After receiving a slew of compliments and criticisms about yesterday’s makeup-free show, the hosts were ready to clear the air about some misconceptions about just how bare they had gone.

“One of the bloggers accused you, Mrs. O, of having your face tattooed on,” said Julie Chen.

“OK, now I’ve done some crazy things in my life. I’ve had things lifted, twisted, cut off, but tattooed face? No. Now don’t be silly,” responded Osbourne.

“Sharon, you got the most compliments,” Chen added. “A lot of people commented on your new figure, your weight loss. How much have you lost?”

“Well, I will tell you what happened to me. In the break, I sort of realized that I am approaching 60 very, very quickly, and I thought, ‘I want to approach 60 the way I want to, and I want to lose weight.’ I’ve tried everything in my life — you know, I’ve had things, I’ve had a band that didn’t work — I’ve tried everything. I went in and I tried the Atkins diet and in 2 weeks, I lost 11 pounds, and it is my body and spirit that I want to change, and the Atkins diet is a perfect combination for me of vegetables and protein and I’ve never felt so good. I want to be an inspiration to women between 50 and 60 to say, ‘You know what? I want to do that! I can do that!’ And why not? 60 is the new 50!”

Watch Sharon Discuss Her Diet Below:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-Talk/140949/2277976430/The-Talk—Sharon-Osbourne-Teams-With-Atkins/embed 580 476]

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