‘Big Brother’ Evictee Jenn Arroyo Says the Shane/Dani Showmance Isn’t Real

Jenn Arroyo on "Big Brother" (CBS)

Terrifically tattooed Jenn Arroyo flew under radar at the beginning of this season’s “Big Brother” – and only later made a strong move in the game. The openly gay musician took a risk, using her veto power to save Dan Gheesling. But this week, Jenn found herself all alone in the house against devious Dan and the other three remaining members of the “quack pack” and she got voted out.

Here, the fifth place finisher, who lived on camera for two months, gives Xfinity TV her thoughts on Danielle Murphree and Shane Meaney’s showmance, messy houseguests, the importance of body art, and how to make the Big Brother “slop” edible!

Why weren’t you surprised by your elimination?

I knew I was going to be evicted. I did what I could—but sometimes you know when it’s your swan song.

Would you do anything differently with your strategy if you had to do it over again?

I would have made different alliances earlier in the game.

Danielle is still in the competition. Why did you become such good friends with her?

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I think because we are complete opposites and sometimes opposites can really get along with each other. Her family comes from a military background, which I can relate to because my father is a Marine. We just got along well! It was just friend chemistry.

Do you think Danielle’s romance with Shane is real?

No, not at all. My worry is that he’s keeping her around for game play. I hope she realizes it sooner rather than later.

What was the hardest part for you about living with strangers?

I think the hardest was the bathroom situation and how people would just leave their stuff anywhere and everywhere and they didn’t clean up the sink. And I hated how people left their dishes around, and those people know exactly who they are!

Tell us about your tattoos.

I have 42 tattoos. I love that it is a collection of art that is on my body forever, because nothing in this world is forever.

What bugged you about the Big Brother house itself?

I would change up the sneaker room which I would lovingly call “skid row.” I would definitely not have all those damn sneakers up on the wall. I would make that a brighter room with some warm colors in it.

You had to eat slop a lot in the house—what was that like?

The [regular Big Brother] food was good when I could eat it. But when I got on slop, it was time to get really creative and thanks to [chef] Joe [Arvin], I was able to have different types of slop burgers. And I got creative myself and created slop tacos and tater tots and I even made slop chips once and they were really good.

How stir crazy were you getting after two months in the house?

It was getting hard because there were so few people left in the house, plus, I was on slop. But I had my eyes on the prize and I had to remind myself why I was there and not get bummed over my situation.

What else did you do to keep yourself from getting homesick?

I would always just try to stay busy, whether it was working out or folding laundry for the third time or cleaning the house because it was often messy. I would just try to extend tasks for a long period of time so I wouldn’t think about home so much.

But now Jenn has been evicted – and another competitor will soon follow her out the door! Tune in tonight to see who will be kicked off and which final three will vie for the $500,000 grand prize.

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