Booted ‘Big Brother’ Hunk Shane Meaney: ‘It Was a Complete Blindside’

Shane Meaney on "Big Brother" (CBS)

Hunky house flipper Shane Meaney entertained “Big Brother 14” fans all season with his tight tank tops, easygoing attitude, and sweet romance (or was it showmance?) with fellow houseguest Danielle Murphree.

But in last night’s shocking eviction, crafty Dan Gheesling betrayed both Shane and Danielle by voting the good guy off and saving Ian Terry. Danielle appeared to desperately want her love interest to accompany her to the final three, but Dan had other ideas and a choked-up Shane had to flee the house.

But did Danielle fake her concern for Shane and pull off the ultimate double-cross? Anything is possible on “Big Brother!” And Shane has that question on his mind, too. Just hours after his devastating elimination, Shane revealed to XfinityTV how he feels about Danielle and Dan, the future of the romance, and the plans he had had for the $500,000 grand prize he won’t win.

You were very emotional last night. How did you feel about the eviction?

I was definitely very emotional because I was not expecting the outcome. Obviously it was a complete blindside. I had a final three [deal] with Dan and Danielle and I don’t know if I got blindsided by both of them of if Dan had just gotten into Danielle’s ear. I had 110 percent loyalty to Dan and Danielle and Dan swore on his wife’s name that if nominations changed that he would still vote to keep me and evict Ian.

Who do you blame?

Most of the blame is on Dan. I don’t know if Danielle was part of the plan to get rid of me. She could have been naïve to the fact that Dan promised her something he didn’t man up to. I do take some of the blame for being naïve myself. However, when you trust someone 110 percent and trust their word, you assume they will be loyal.

Are your romantic feelings for Danielle real?

I do really like Danielle as a person. It was never my idea or strategy to have a showmance but when you live with someone for 69 days in a house, you get really close and feelings get strong.

Would you date Danielle after the show is over?

It depends on if she was part of the betrayal. If Dan blindsided her as well, then I can’t really blame her, but I do feel she was involved to some extent. I don’t know what the outcome will be with her romantically.

Should you have done anything differently with your total show strategy?

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If I had to do it over again, I would definitely not trust people as much as I did. I would play the game for me and not so much for my alliance. I believe the nice guy routine ultimately caught up to me and I put my trust in people I shouldn’t have.

What’s your opinion of Ian, now one of the final three?

Ian is a young intelligent person who admires this game so much. He’s a good competitor as well as a great social game player.

What was the worst part about living in the house?

The most difficult part was the bed situation, sharing a bed with a stranger the first couple of weeks. It could be the same or opposite sex. Sharing a bathroom with everyone also was not comfortable!

What was it like meeting the fierce five Olympic gold medal winning U.S. gymnasts on your prize “date” with Danielle?

In the moment, I had no idea who they were because the Olympics happened when we were inside the house. After we found out who they were, though, it was an incredible experience.

What did you do to keep from getting homesick in the house?

Winning HOH [Head of Household] twice was a huge factor [because] getting letters and pictures from home helped. I also prayed every night to make sure my family was safe and for God to give me peace.

What’s the first thing you’re going to say to your family?

Did I make you proud? And, I love you.

How upset are you not to win the $500,000?

I’m very bummed. I’ve been struggling financially my whole life and bills are pretty tight right now. I really wanted to help my parents get out of debt and pay off my student loans, open a Special Olympics charity, and invest in real estate.

How do you feel about being on the jury which will select the “Big Brother” winner?

It is an honor to be on the jury. We get to decide who wins, but at the same time, it kind of sucks.

What have you learned about yourself by doing Big Brother?

I can go 69 days without any communication with the outside world, adapting to my environment. That was the biggest thing for me—it’s a lot to do.

Will you still be flipping houses?

All my houses that I have right now are currently flipped. I just need them to sell. I also have a full time job that I left that I’m hoping to get back. If the right opportunity presented itself, I would probably do another reality show.

Hmm. Are you listening, “Bachelor” producers? If things with Danielle don’t work out….

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