Melissa Gorga’s Stripper Past Exposed on ‘RHONJ’?

Melissa Gorga on "RHONJ" (Photo by: Andrei Jackamets/Bravo)

“All I try to do is put on a nice little show,” cackles Kim D. on Sunday night’s “Real Housewives of New Jersey” pre-finale, in reference to her annual trashy Posche Fashion Show.

A few hours before the event, Kim seemingly plants the seeds of some major drama by asking Teresa to join her to get their hair and makeup done at a local salon. Lo and behold, the PR manager for the salon, Angelo, struts over to the swollen-faced, unkempt ladies and tells Teresa he knew her sis-in-law Melissa back in the day.

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“She used to dance for me at a gentleman’s club,” he nonchalantly tells the ladies, which sends Teresa’s eyeballs popping out of their sockets and leaves Kim D., (who by the by, looks like an emaciated troll-version of Bo Derek), smirking with pure satisfaction.

Teresa acts nervous and tells Angelo not to talk about the dancing since Melissa is family, and he quickly apologizes, adding he had assumed Tre already knew about her sis-in-law’s pole-dancing past.

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Wanting to get more dirt, Kim D. pushes Angelo and asks when Melissa had stripteased for him at the club. He tells her it was about seven years ago and that she actually wasn’t any good at shaking her bon bon.

Hardly being able to contain herself, Kim D. sarcastically tells Teresa it explains why Melissa is “born again” and always thanks Jesus for her new life: She doesn’t have to hustle in a g-string anymore to pay the bills! While her weaved-out friend cackles, Teresa’s face looks as if she’s experiencing a major case of the runs.

Later that night, as the entire cast of ladies get settled and order their food, Angelo greets Melissa and asks if she remembers him. With a frozen smile, she acknowledges him but whispers to Kathy she can’t place his face. Teresa’s eyes dart east and west as sweat begins to melt off her spray tan…

Are you guys ready for the hellish two-part “RHONJ” season finale starting this Sunday? Will we discover that Melissa was really On Display, On Display, On Display?

Well, hang onto your weaves—looks like the ladies (and Joe Gorga) gang up and give Teresa and Kim D. a colossal smack down!

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