‘Weeds’ Series Finale: Did It Deliver the Goods?

Weeds (Showtime)

On Sunday night “Weeds” concluded its eighth and final season with a special hour-long episode that saw the return of many familiar faces and a jump ahead in time several years as a now teenage Stevie prepared for his bar mitzvah.

For star Mary Louise Parker (Nancy Botwin), the finale was a “beautiful” way to close out the show’s run. “I just cried when I read it [the final script],” she told reporters at TCA earlier this summer.  “There was hope in it, and there was some sort of benediction, I felt like,” Parker admitted. “I think the finale is beautifully written, and I hope it lives up to what she [series creator Jenji Kohan] wrote.”

Yet for most critics, the finale was an uneven summation of several disjointed seasons. The A.V. club handed “It’s Time” a C, calling it “messy.” “I understand why Kohan wanted to fastforward to this point in Nancy’s life, the stage where her final son is ‘becoming a man,’ and where her legacy is being judged in her sons’ lives and in her own success,” writes Myles McNutt. “It’s just that this decision comes with consequences, consequences in the form of imagined futures that spend too much time reorienting the viewer to allow the focus to remain on the characters. If you’re going to manipulate the narrative to arrive at a particular point, you need to justify that decision in more than just a handful of scenes.”

Matt Richenthal at TV Fanatic said the finale “completely slapped viewers in the face,” noting that the future-jumping finale made Season 8 “completely irrelevant – which, granted, isn’t saying much, considering the mess of a final season and its lack of flow in the first place – and made it incredibly easy for the show to just tie everything up however it wanted.”

Take a look a the “It’s Time” below and decide whether the finale delivered the goods or went up in smoke:

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