Sonja Morgan & Aviva Drescher Say ‘Buh-Bye’ to Their Friendship on ‘RHONYC’

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Despite returning to the Big Apple, the “St. Barth’s Aviva” was alive and kicking on Monday night’s “Real Housewives of New York City.” Judging from her incessant lambasting of “Ramonja” while eating and shopping with Carole and Heather, the tall blonde’s mind was apparently still floating on the Island from Hell with her squawking, party girl frenemies dancing around her head with pitchforks, Pinot, and cougar condoms.

Although she grouped Ramona and Sonja as both being “ungracious and unrefined,” Aviva revealed her real rage was mostly directed to Turtle Time.

“Ramona is a cheesy, cheesy, low class woman,” she told Carole and Heather, who by then, were really sick of her self-righteous rants.

By the end of the show, Aviva still needed to maintain her victim status, but this time, she decided to go to half of the source of her problem: Sonja. Meeting up for dinner, Aviva tried to make a small gesture of reconciliation, but Sonja had already made up her mind. (We guess being called “white trash” seemed to be where the free-spirited gal drew the line.)

“You called me some nasty names…you defamed my character. I can’t have a friend like that,” she told Aviva, which ignited the antagonistic boom(!) back into her voice. (See above.)

After saying she felt totally “duped by Ramona,” Aviva explained her softer definition of “white trash,” which she equated to “moral failure.” (Hellz, we were thinking her “white trash” comment was more along the lines of seeing the ladies as half-witted, trailer-occupying people with missing teeth.)

Regardless, Sonja was over Aviva and her Vassar educated, elitist sensibilities.

“Whatever you tell me about your feelings, I don’t care. I’m over you!” she told Aviva matter-of-factly. “I am who I am, and I’m not gonna apologize for it. I find you a liability.”

Determining whether she was gonna go “island kamikaze” on Sonja’s cottage cheese tush again, the tall blonde deferred to being more blunt, albeit with a smattering of civility: She told Sonja she’s in denial and that it’s pretty sad to watch her “spiral downward.”

So how did Miss Morgan respond? She simply got up and said she has enough friends to keep her happy and doesn’t have room for another one by the name of Aviva Drescher.

Guess there’s only one thing left to say: Check, please.

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