‘The Voice’ Recap: Judges Look to Stock Up on Talent

CeeLo Green (NBC)

As “The Voice” blind auditions continue, we’re becoming aware of a very interesting power struggle among the judges. Basically, Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera are the popular kids; Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green are the losers.

For the most part, whenever Adam spins his chair around for a guy, that guy picks him. Girls pick Christina. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but more and more, it’s appearing like Blake only gets country artists, and Cee Lo mostly gets people no one else spins around for.

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Six artists were featured tonight, and none of them went with Blake, even the guy with the slight country twang, 24-year-old business school dropout Collin McLoughlin, who did a clean and simple rendition of Cat Stevens’s “Wild World” and landed on Adam’s team.

Blake even went out for people he probably shouldn’t have, like 17-year-old Joselyn Rivera, a pop girl who got her start on Barbie karaoke, who sang “(Stronger) What Doesn’t Kill You” and won over Christina; and classical singer Ben Taub, who chose Cee Lo over him.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-Voice/141730/2280875208/Todd-Kessler%2C-Ben-Taub-and-Emily-Earle-s-Blind-Auditions/embed 580 476]

Most of Cee Lo’s wins of the night appeared in a hurried montage, so we don’t know much about any of them. But he did get a major score that totally proves my above theory wrong with the final singer of the night, 40-year-old Mycle Wastman. Mycle did a competent rendition of “Let’s Stay Together,” and got three judges to push their buttons. Blake told him he was the best vocalist the judges heard today, and I wouldn’t go that far, although his falsetto at the end was pretty cool. Despite Blake’s flattery, Mycle was won over by Cee Lo’s declaration/lie that Al Green is his godfather. Interestingly, while Cee Lo gets overlooked by many singers through the episode, both last night and tonight he got the final, big impact auditioner.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-Voice/141730/2280889031/Mycle-Wastman-s-Blind-Audition%3A-%22Let-s-Stay-Together%22/embed 580 476]

So, at the end of week two, and it seems halfway through the auditions, here is how the teams are shaping up:

Cee Lo has a lot of unknowns, some folks who are more unusual than talented, and a few key amazing standouts that could win the show for him even with such an uneven team.

Adam has a wide mix of strong singers, most of whom showed some serious promise, but few of them remain memorable days later.

Blake has quite a few country acts, and a sad deficiency in team members right now, meaning he’ll have to start buzzing in even for the singers he’s not that interested in, just to fill the team. Could lead to lots of mediocre talent sliding through at the end.

Christina is good at getting singers who do what she does best—girly pop, powerhouse belts, soulful runs. It seems like she pushes her button sometimes for style over form, and too many wailers could become overwrought. But with a few wildcards like married duo Beat Frequency in the mix, she’s keeping it interesting.

Teams so far

Adam (11): Collin McLoughlin: biz school dropout; Benji: raspy racecar driver; Alessandra Guercio: “Fame” high school, “Idol” reject; Melanie Martinez: indie teen; Brian Scartocci: single dad; Adanna Duru: 15-year-old, no airtime; Samuel Mouton: reggae in a baseball cap; Nicole Nelson: gospel hippie; Lauren Allred: wedding singer, no airtime; Bryan Keith: raspy guy coming out from under dad’s shadow; Joe Kirkland: band frontman dumped by label.

Blake (7): Liz Davis: country, legs; Kelly Crapa: 15-year-old, no airtime; 2Steel Girls: mother/daughter duo; Casey Muessigmann: wrestling cowboy; Julio Cesar Castillo: mariachi singer; Terry McDermott: Scottish rocker dad; Gracia Harrison: yodeler.

Cee Lo (11): Mycle Wastman: crazy falsetto; Todd Kessler: “Maggie May,” no airtime; Ben Taub: classical, no airtime; Emily Earle: country, no airtime; Avery Wilson: never had a singing lesson but better than Usher; Nicholas David: the Minnesotan Aaron Neville; JR Aquino: Alaskan YouTube singer; Domo: Bronx hip-hop dancer; Mackenzie Bourg: Justin Bieber meets Harry Potter meets gnarly virus; Daniel Rosa: huggable former reject; Trevin Hunte: wailer proving his 8th-grade teacher wrong.

Christina (10): Joselyn Rivera: preemie learned to sing on Barbie karaoke; Beat Frequency: married couple; Paulina: 16-year-old, no airtime; Nelly’s Echo: Nigerian refugee, Lisa Scinta: gymnast, no airtime; Marissa Ann: 15-year-old, no airtime; Adriana Louise: Brooklyn waitress; Aquile: from broken jaw to buttery voice; De’borah: gospel church misfit; Devyn DeLoera: sang “Ain’t No Other Man” and survived.

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