‘Big Brother’s’ Ian Terry on His Win: It Was Pretty Shocking!!

Ian Terry of "Big Brother" (CBS)

Big Brother” competitor and super fan Ian Terry grew up watching the CBS reality show. Wednesday night, after weeks of using his nerdy knowledge of the game to outlast and outsmart his rivals, the college engineering student won season 14 over dastardly coach-turned-player Dan Gheesling.

Ian distinguished himself by forming an alliance with Big Brother legend Mike “Boogie” Malin and curly topped country boy Frank Eudy – then joining a separate “quack pack” group behind their backs and betraying Boogie in a startling twist. He was strong during the competitions, proving himself able to excel in both the physical and mental challenges of the game. The diminutive brainiac also tried his hand at a showmance, going on a date with sexy fellow houseguest Ashley Iocco.

Ian was a popular winner, with the entire cast cheering him on as he took home the $500,000 first place check. But Ian confided to Xfinitytv in an exclusive interview that it wasn’t as easy as it looked! Read on as Ian reveals his shock about winning, how he prepared for the show, his thoughts on the Danielle Murphree/Shane Meaney romance, how he’ll spend the money and continue kicking himself in the head!

How did it feel to win?

Winning was amazing. I never thought in my wildest dreams I would be walking out the front door with confetti flying all over the place. The thing about it is, in that game, everything about it has to go exactly right so when I won, it was an unbelievable feeling. There were a lot of times in there that I thought I had zero chance. It was pretty shocking when it happened.

Everyone’s talking about Dan’s ruthless behavior in the house. What did you think of him?

I was put off, especially when he gave me his grandfather’s cross necklace. That crossed the line, if you ask me. He gave me his cross necklace and I gave him that stuffed snake that I had since I was a little kid as collateral. That way, no matter which one of us won, we would have to take the other person but if I understand correctly, he had no intention of taking me, so I guess I would have walked off with his cross if he voted me out. [As it happened], we traded the items back when we walked out the door.

What do you think of Danielle? She had some pretty sore feelings against both you and Dan after her eviction.

I think she was pretty disgusted with Dan’s actions. I don’t hold anything against Danielle; I think she’s an absolutely great girl and doesn’t really deserve a lot of what I’ve been reading. I thought Danielle would have been harder to beat but I’m finding out that might not be true. I honored my commitment to Dan.

She’s gotten a lot of flak for seeming stupid about Dan.

That’s completely unfair. All of us were misled by Dan, including me. It doesn’t make much sense to me that she’s been singled out.

What are your thoughts on Danielle and Shane’s romance?

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I really hope it works out for them outside of here. They’re both great people.

Any secrets that helped you stay in the house?

I’m a lot more athletic than I look. I bike a lot. I love a good bike ride.

What ideas did you use from previous seasons to help you in BB 14?

I kind of tried to base my game a bit on Dan’s original season 10 game. Maybe a little bit of a BB 5 Drew type. I would hope [that’s being a nice guy!].

Had you prepared for the season ahead of time besides watching the old shows?

I practiced possible competitions. I had my brother throw small coins into our backyard pool and then I fished them out. We did a little bit of memory type stuff, putting old events in order. And I did hang off of my back deck [at home] in case there was an endurance challenge for a long while.

You candidly talked about your ADHD on the show. Did being on Big Brother help or hurt with that condition?

Whenever I didn’t have the back yard and that hammock to use, it was definitely pretty tough but I got through it all right. I would say it added a little bit to it. I was stressed out for sure.

How do you plan to spend the half million dollars?

Student loans are the main thing, that’s first, but after that I’m probably gonna get some new sunglasses. I’m probably just going to get more $14 sunglasses [for my collection].

What about a wardrobe makeover? Any thought of ditching the khaki pants, oxford shirts, and sneakers?

Probably not. Engineers just like to wear the same things over and over again and I’m not any different.

The fans are sure to give you the “quack pack” signal on the street. How will you respond?

I love the quack pack. I adore all my quack packers so I have no problem with anybody shooting the quack pack sign to me. I’ll absolutely signal it back to them.

You made your fellow houseguests laugh by kicking yourself in the head early in the competition. Will you do it now for fans if they ask you?

[Laughs] As long as I’m dressed appropriately, yes, I will!

How did you learn you were able to do that?

There was a modern remake of, I think, I’ve Got a Secret and they had a guy on there who could do that and I was like, I wonder? And sure enough, it turned out I could.

Your showmance with Ashley didn’t work out but do you think your “Big Brother” fame will help you get a girlfriend?

I hope so! I’m looking for someone down-to-earth — and intelligence really helps.

How weird is it living in the house?

It’s really weird. Absolutely strange. Being out of the house and meeting people now is sensory overload. Shocking.

Did anything specific horrify you about the house?

The ants in the kitchen were terrible! But I figured out if we sprayed surface cleaner on them, they just died. There was mess and splatter all over the place.

Could you possibly get homesick for the Big Brother house after all your time there?

I think I will because this morning, I was like, man, I’m not in the house and they’re not waking me up with music. Yesterday, when I was packing up, I was like, I don’t really want to go. It’s kind of fun here.

What’s your advice for future Big Brother competitors?

Lay low in the first week. Don’t stir the pot or skeev anybody out. Just be quiet. [chuckles]

What’s next for you?

I’m three quarters of the way through [college] with one more year to go. My plans are to do chemical engineering. [But] after I get my degree, I’d do BB again in a heartbeat!

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