One ‘X Factor’ Contestant Sent to the Hospital, Another Sent to Jail

'The X Factor': Panda Ross performs in front of the judges (Ray Mickshaw/ FOX)

Two “X Factor” contestants left their auditions rather dramatically Wednesday night—one in an oxygen mask, and the other in handcuffs.

Panda Ross, a 42-year-old plus-size soul queen, wowed the judges with her deep-voiced and energetic rendition of Sam Cooke’s “Bring It on Home,” particularly Simon Cowell, to whom she dedicated the song. Pre-audition, Panda ebulliently explained her love of Simon, pointing to a giant gold medallion on her neck that says “SINGLE.” “Simon is my baby daddy,” Panda said. “That’s why I wore this necklace today.”

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Simon was particularly taken with Panda’s name, which she explained came about when her incarcerated black mother and her white cell mate together decided on a name. “And I’m cuddly and everything.”

Panda had been in the hospital with pneumonia, but got an early release so that she could audition for Simon. Cue foreshadowy music: dun dun dun.

Her audition was amazing, and she got four yesses. Simon told her that she sounded “like a legend.” But it was backstage when Panda got a hug from Demi that things took a turn for the worse. Still in Demi’s embrace, Panda’s pneumonia started to kick back in. She told Demi that she needed to spit. Probably not something Demi Lovato hears every day.

Watch Panda’s Audition:

[iframe 580 476]

The spitting got worse, and soon the medics had Panda on a stretcher, under an oxygen mask, and in the back of an ambulance. But Panda’s only concern was that Simon not see her in this state. That’s true love.

Panda’s “SINGLE” necklace wasn’t the best accessory of the night, however. That would be Deangelo Wallace’s steel bracelets, which the Kansas City Police Department so kindly lent him after he made off with his microphone.

A hyperconfident guy, Deangelo had promised us that he sings better than Justin Bieber and Britney Spears, but on Chris Brown’s “With You,” he couldn’t even do better than Chris Brown’s Auto-Tune button. Rather than stop him, the judges just got up and walked out, deigning to be so offended that a bad singer would actually turn out for an “X Factor” audition—like that wasn’t encouraged or something.

Deangelo sang the song through to the end, however, then ran off with the mic still attached to him, apparently a $3,000 value. Despite having the cameras trained on him as Deangelo roamed the streets of Kansas City, the crew reported the mic stolen and had Deangelo arrested. Not content to end the audition, he sang one last line for us as he was being pushed into the front seat of a police car: “I’m getting arrested, but I’ll be out in a few hours.”

See Deangelo’s Arrest:

[iframe 580 476]

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