‘Castle’s’ Stana Katic Reveals Why Beckett Will Be More Dangerous This Season

Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic, 'Castle' (ABC)

No season premiere is more anticipated than”Castle.” Last spring, the finale ended with Castle (Nathan Filllion) and Beckett (Stana Katic) falling into bed together after four years of sexual tension. The premiere opens with a steamy yet sweet morning after scene that will melt Caskett shippers hearts but quickly delves into more serious territory, when Beckett is pulled back into the investigation of the conspiracy responsible for her mother’s death. Katic explained why the premiere is both a beginning and an ending for Castle, how being in a relationship with the man of her dreams will change her and why Beckett will be more lethal this season.

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What was it like filming that sexy morning after scene with Nathan Fillion?

It was very easy.

You have played the tension between Beckett and Castle for all these years. What was it like finally letting it all go and showing the relaxed, playful side of Beckett that the audience has never really gotten to see?

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I think that’s going to be kind of the theme of this season. We’re seeing both of these characters in the inside of a meaningful relationship. That’s part of the charm of this season, and part of the cheekiness of this season is discovering what it means to be inside a relationship with those two characters. Beckett dated Josh and Castle had a couple relationships here and there. But we’ve always been pretty much on the outside of those experiences. We’re discovering all of the wonderful journeys that those two characters would make when they’re getting to know each other that way.

Beckett learns a lot more about her mother’s death in the season premiere, and it leads to a very powerful scene. How would you describe it?

Beckett’s facing the biggest battle. It’s definitely a powerful moment for the character. It’s interesting because it’s a chapter end, in a way. It doesn’t mean that the story’s not going to continue. What it means is we gave an arc to that character. We started off rather emotional about that part of her life and reactive and unable to process that in a way that would make her ineffective. And what we’ve seen is whether it’s from the guidance from [Castle] who constantly pushed her to stay focused on the evidence or from the wonderful help that the rest of the team offered her, she learned to think more clearly about that and in the end be more lethal. She’s a different girl this year. She’s more dangerous this year because she’s capable of thinking clearly especially on the one thing that was probably the most violent experience of her life, and also the biggest reason for her becoming a cop.

Beckett’s not the perfect cop that she used to be. She gets suspended. How does that change her?

I don’t think that Beckett’s ever been the perfect cop. There have been moments where she’s been rather rebellious. We’ve set it up that first season that she was by the books and I think that over the years it’s come out that she might at first seem like she’s by the book but she never was. I don’t know that there’s anything contrary to what’s been set up. She’s been a bit of a renegade, I think, throughout. Last year and the end of season three it was one of the reasons that we saw some of the conflict that we did on screen.

Beckett and Castle decide to keep their relationship a secret. What’s Beckett’s perspective on why she doesn’t want any of her friends to know, other than the professional consequences.

I think it is about the professional consequences. I don’t know that Beckett would be comfortable keeping something like that from people who are pretty much family to her. We discover that later on as we move on that it’s something that they both want to protect and they want to keep it private so they can explore what it means first before having anyone else involved in it but it’s also got a limit of being at work and being in the trenches with those guys at that police station, it’s not easy to keep a secret from people who are pretty much your family and it will be a little bit of a struggle there but I think that she knows that it’s for the best for the relationship and that working relationship specifically.

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