‘X Factor’ Contestant Booted for Temper Tantrum

Krysten Colon on The X Factor (FOX)

What is it with “The X Factor” and dramatic exits? Wednesday night, one audition ended with a trip to the hospital and another with an arrest. Thursday, a contestant was kicked out of the building for throwing a temper tantrum after a particularly dreadful audition during a serious thunderstorm.

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It was Krysten Colon’s second chance. She auditioned earlier in the night on an Adele song, which Simon Cowell has made very clear he can’t stand. For the first few phrases of “Don’t You Remember,” she sounded promising, but Simon cut her off pretty quickly and told her to come back with a “classic song” done in her style. Not the clearest advice, to be sure—what is a classic song, exactly? Krysten didn’t seem to know, either, and instead went with the biggest offense an auditioner can make, next to singing Adele—Whitney Houston.

Krysten got some time to work on her new song, and when she came back on stage, amid earth-shattering thunder and lightning that took out the stadium’s electricity, she completely bombed on “I Have Nothing.” A bolt of something cut her off, albeit way too late, and each judge gave her a no. LA Reid, ever one to summarize what’s going on right in front of us, drilled it home: “That’s four No’s.” Four fingers held up.

Krysten was not happy. She huffed and puffed like a buffalo during the critique, then stormed off the stage and in a spell of crying rage, threw water on the camera, screamed at someone to get out of her ear, and swung a folding chair over her head. Her poor mom tried to calm Krysten down, but ended up apologizing to the cameras for her daughter’s ridiculous behavior. “No one promised her four yesses,” she said. Unlike Rachel Crow’s mom, who last year promised her daughter she’d win the $5 million contract. If not for her, we might not have had Rachel’s dramatic exit go down in “X Factor” history. Krysten’s, however, was a close second.

Watch Krysten’s Second Chance:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-X-Factor/169661/2282062779/Krysten-Colon-s-Second-Chance/embed 580 476]

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