Salty Paula Deen Pours On the Profanity in Ribald ‘Blooper Reel’

Paula Deen, in a photo from July in Key West (Photo: AP)

Tart-tongued Paula Deen really lets the expletives fly when taping her TV shows, as a newly discovered “blooper” video demonstrates.

The clip reel reportedly contains outtakes and blunders that didn’t make the final cut while Deen filmed episodes of her Food Network TV shows. The clip collection has the famed foodie “cursing up a cordon bleu streak,” according to this story in the New York Post.

The two-minute, video retrospective was apparently produced, and offered for distribution, with Deen’s whole-hearted approval, the story says.

She offered it to an organization called Celebrity Chefs Tour, the Post reports, and suggested the group play the tape as an introduction to her live appearances.

But the group passed on the gesture after deciding the contents of the blooper “reel” were too spicy for their family audiences.

The video has apparently become public because it’s become part of a lawsuit the promoters of the Chefs Tour brought against Deen after she allegedly backed out.

With the tape now considered a piece of evidence in the lawsuit, The Post took the opportunity to post the video on its Web site (it’s available to watch if you click the link to the story provided above).

What does Deen say and do on the tape? Well, our standards prevent us from spelling it out for you here — but the gist of it is this: She apparently is in the habit of uttering expletives at various “dramatic” moments in the cooking process. And she’s not above simulating a certain sex act with a chocolate eclair. And that’s as far as we’re going with this description …

Meanwhile, here’s a Deen cooking clip from our own archives (don’t worry — it’s rated “G”):
[iframe 580 476]

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