Watch: ‘SNL’ Sinks Its Teeth Into ‘Kelly and Michael’

Nasim Pedrad played Kelly Ripa and Jay Pharoah mimicked Michael Strahan on "Saturday Night Live" (Photo: NBC)

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” turned its attention to the new “Live with Kelly and Michael” with a savage impersonation of the newly teamed twosome — right down to Michael Strahan’s famous gapped teeth.

The impersonations, featuring Nasim Pedrad as Kelly Ripa and Jay Pharoah as Strahan, came at the start of “SNL” Saturday night — a nice change-of-pace from the usual political “cold opens” we’ve come to expect, predictably, from “SNL” during presidential election seasons such as this one.

Not that there’s anything wrong with political satire at such a time (and the show got to plenty of that later on), but we liked “SNL’s” take on Kelly and Michael.

The “cold open” even featured a “celebrity guest” — Bill Hader playing the brooding (as usual) Robert Pattinson. We liked Hader’s take on Pattinson, but it didn’t differ all that much from the Pattinson impression Jimmy Fallon’s been doing on “Late Night” for about two years now. Among the funny lines we liked: “Michael” declaring of “Kelly,” “I love this girl! Look how small she is. I mean, we look like the poster for ‘Blind Side’!”

Watch how “SNL” manhandled “Kelly and Michael”:
[iframe 580 476]

When it came to presidential politics, “SNL” took on both the Obama and Romney sides of the campaign during “Weekend Update.” In this first clip, “Weekend Update” anchor Seth Meyers took President Obama to task for making statements this past week that the President didn’t really have to make because, said Meyers, the Mitt Romney campaign was in such a self-destructive tailspin that the President could have taken the week off from campaigning.

Watch Seth Meyers’ commentary on President Obama:
[iframe 580 476]

In an effort to balance the satire, “SNL” took aim at the Romney campaign with this appearance by Ann Romney (Kate McKinnon) at the “Weekend Update” desk. Naturally, the impersonation was not flattering.

Watch Kate McKinnon as Ann Romney on “SNL”:
[iframe 580 476]

The guest-host on “SNL” for the evening was actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who gamely appeared in a variety of roles (including one sketch as a teen-aged girl). In this next clip, Gordon-Levitt played a cuckolded husband who learns from a private detective that his wife is having an affair. But the evidence this detective (Hader) presents is, well, sketchy.

Take a look at this “Private Detective” sketch:
[iframe 580 476]
Wanna see the rest of this “SNL” episode? We have the whole show, right here:
[iframe 580 476]

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