‘DWTS’: Pamela Anderson an All-Star Bust

'DWTS: All-Stars' Pam and Tristan (Photo: ABC)

“Baywatch” babe Pamela Anderson looked like a bust on “Dancing with the Stars’s” All-Stars edition, as her Monday night premiere dance with partner Tristan MacManusreceived the lowest score of the night.

“I’m really nervous that we’re going to get voted off tomorrow,” Pam admitted to reporters after the show with Tristan by her side. “Everyone’s really good.”

While former football player Emmitt Smith was on top, scoring a 24.5 for his cha cha to become the Season 15 show leader on Monday night, and French actor Gilles Marini wasn’t far behind, Pam finished dead last.

Next to the other polished celebrity dancers, Pam looked like a trainwreck, earning only 17 points for her sexy-but-unsteady cha cha. All three judges knocked Pam’s dancing ability.

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Everyone assumed All-Stars would be an uphill battle for Pam after she finished sixth during Season 10. The level of dance competition seemed too high for the actress. But after the premiere, Pam defended the dance, which had her gyrating around the floor with Tristan — and right in front of Bristol Palin’s conservative firebrand mom, Sarah Palin, and Bristol’s young son, Tripp!

Watch Pam Anderson’s Lackluster First Dance:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Dancing-With-the-Stars/1112/2283447141/Pamela-Anderson-s-First-Dance/embed 580 476]

“I loved the dance,” Pam told xfinityTV. “I loved the choreography. We had a story that we wanted to portray and I think a lot of that came through and if it wasn’t technically perfect I think humans aren’t perfect, and I think it was very brave of us to go that strong with our emotional connection about the dance. That can maybe throw you off but I think there’s a lot of good stuff about it and hopefully [it did] entertain people enough to want us to come back.

“Next week there’s this incredible character I really want to play. We have lots of fun plans,” Pam promised. Then Pam got playful on the red carpet with Tristan, saying, “I’m plotting. It’s a lot of fun. You see the plots and the plans and it’s good!”

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The actress insisted she wasn’t thrown by the skill of the other competitors: “You have to just think about what you’re doing and I know I bring other things to the table. I’m not the best dancer, obviously, but I have a lot of heart and I have a lot of guts and I want to be able to portray that. This gives me the opportunity to be myself and be good at something. I want to be good at something. It’s emotional, too. It’s this weird thing. I’ve gotta stay in it. I promise I won’t let you down!”

After Season 10, Pam said, “I left [the show] going, why didn’t I just go for it? I figured this time, I’d go for broke. I could have put more into it [last time].”

Meanwhile, Tristan talked about Pam’s recent disclosure that she had decided to stay celibate during “DWTS: All-Stars” — even though she’s attracted to him! According to Tristan, “It wouldn’t be as good if something were to happen between us. Everything we’re trying to build is about that frustration. The chemistry is about [intention]. The whole dynamic would change.”

The Irishman added to reporters with a twinkle in his eye, “If she falls off her [sex] wagon, it’s got nothing to do with me!”

But maybe Pam will be able to break her celibacy vow soon, as her “DWTS” journey could end as soon as tonight? The first couple will be eliminated on Tuesday’s “DWTS” results show!

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