Report: Fan Favorite Returning to ‘Bachelor’ to Woo Sean Lowe

by | September 27, 2012 at 10:27 PM | The Bachelor

Kacie Boguskie (ABC)

Apparently, “Bachelor” producers are looking to make some history in the next season of the show.

A report from a “Bachelor” insider website states that fan favorite Kacie Boguskie will appear as a surprise suitor for Sean Lowe’s affections. The site, has delivered some serious scoopage in past seasons and states that this would mark the “first time in the show’s history that they’ve brought back a contestant from a previous season to compete again on the very first night.”

The news circulated fast. Ben Flajnik, the man who sent Kacie home on season 16 of the show, was quick to tweet his reaction to her casting. He wrote, “Kacie B is back for Sean’s season?! Ha, I love the producers on this show (you know who you are). I wonder how she is going to do with Sean? I will be watching. Good luck KCB.”

Here’s a clip from her last appearance on the show…