Good Call: ‘SNL Thursday’ Takes Aim at Replacement Refs

Replacement refs Fred Armisen (center) and Tim Robinson "diagnose" patient Taran Killam on "SNL Thursday" (Photo: NBC)

“Saturday Night Live” made hay of this week’s controversy over replacement referees in the NFL, raising the subject more than once in the special half-hour Thursday night edition of “Weekend Update.”

The 30-minute show — officially titled “Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday” — opened with a fictional Obama campaign rally, in which the show’s newly minted Obama, Jay Pharoah, was once again seen in the high-profile role.

But it was the focus on the replacement ref story that interested us even more. For “Weekend Update” anchor Seth Meyers, the replacement-ref story made it to the top of the “Update” news list, with Meyers “reporting” that the league’s stand-off with the referees’ union had come to an end that very day.

The situation was resolved following several days of pressure from teams, fans and the media over the atrocious quality of the officiating by replacement referees so far in the young NFL season.

“It feels nice to say this again,” Meyers quipped, “Good call!”

Watch Thursday night’s “Weekend Update”:
[iframe 580 476]

Later in the special “SNL” Thursday show, the replacement refs were once again the center of attention, as the show promo-ed a fictional reality series called “Replacement Refs.” The show had bumbling replacement refs as members of a jury that screwed up an obviously guilty verdict, and as doctors who made the wrong call on one patient’s diagnosis.

Watch this “Replacement Refs” sketch here:
[iframe 580 476]

As for Jay Pharoah’s latest performance as President Obama, we have that clip too.

We highly recommend you watch Jay Pharoah, from Thursday’s “SNL”:
[iframe 580 476]

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