‘The Good Wife’ Premiere: Who Has Sex With an Ex?

Archie Panjabi on The Good Wife (CBS)

Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) owned the season premiere of “The Good Wife.” Can we get a multi-network crossover in which Kalinda and “Revenge’s” Emily Thorne and “Homeland’s” Carrie team up to kick ass and rule the world? It would be the greatest hour of TV ever. Also, CBS’s prestige drama is now the sexiest drama on network television.

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Last season ended with Kalinda pointing a gun at her front door, waiting for the arrival of her dangerous ex-husband. This season picks up with the knock at the door. She tells him the door is open. A man with a receding hairline tells Kalinda that her husband misses her and wants the money. She points a gun and makes him get down on his knees. She interrogates him about phoning Alicia, then hits him on the head when he says that he did it. His cell phone rings and she hits him with her bat.  Kalinda answers “Hi honey. Bill’s here. The money’s community property. It’s over.” Awesome!

A sketchy new client  – a British tow truck company owner named Nick (Marc Warren) meets with Alica (Julianna Margulies) and Cary (Matt Czuchry). Nick looks like a guy who should have been on a CW show but made a wrong turn on the studio lot. That’s a good thing. He wants the firm to advise him on selecting a partner so he can secure a government contract. Cary is nervous because the guy is a criminal looking for a legit beard. When he returns for his second meeting, he asks to speak with the firm’s investigator. Kalinda sees him and makes herself scarce. Then she gets into the elevator with Nick as he leaves and attacks him. He hits back. Yes, Nick is her ex. They take the fight into the parking garage, where Kalinda likes to rumble. They seem evenly matched. Their dynamic could be best described as Buffy and Spike, which is something I never thought I’d say about characters on a legal procedural with no supernatural elements.

The next time we see them, they are having rough sex. Yep. Spuffy. He asks if she misses this. She retorts,”Don’t flatter yourself.” She pulls a gun on him and says she wants him gone. He says what about dinner tomorrow. He got a tattoo of a midnight sun on his arm for her –symbolizing  a new beginning. He points out she could have run because she knew he was coming. Their relationship is going to be a fascinating parallel to Alicia and Peter’s, with two women who just can’t leave behind men that logically they ought to not only dump but expunge from their lives.

Technically, that was the B story, though it’s going to be what everyone remembers from the episode. The main plot involved Zach (Graham Phillips) getting pulled over on a bogus traffic stop while Alicia is in the back seat. The cop claims he has probable cause to search the car for drugs, then claims he has found marijuana residue. The situation escalates when the cop realizes that Zach has been filming the encounter on his cellphone. He orders Zach to erase the footage. Instead, Zach emails it to himself. Zach gets arrested. He also proves to be quite a skilled amateur lawyer doing research to prove that it was legal for him to film the cop since he did not record audio. At his hearing, however, he is charged with obstruction of justice and it becomes clear that the State’s Attorneys in the countty where the charges were filed are Peter’s enemies. Zach continues to be the episode’s best lawyer, as he uses his internet skills to find other people who were targeted by the same cop. Alicia realizes that the cops are running a scam where they falsely charge people with crimes so they can forfeit their assets. Peter threatens to go after the other State Attorney’s son, who lives in Chicago as retaliation, demanding the the charges be dropped and the cop apologize to Zach. Alicia makes the forfeiture corridor argument in court, which only further antagonizes the State’s Attorneys. Zach turns footage of the the cop’s various bogus searches into a YouTube video which quickly goes viral. The States Attorney is so embarrassed that he drops the charges and makes the cop apologize. Maybe Zach should be running for governor.

Speaking of Peter’s campaign, both Peter and Alicia are grilled by a reporter, played by Kristen Chenoweth, who accuses Alicia of setting back the woman’s rights movement because she has not divorced Peter.

Will’s (Josh Charles) suspension is finally ending, but Lockhart-Gardner is so broke, due in part to David quitting the firm because he lost the power struggle last season, that Diane (Christine Baranski)and Will decide to file for bankruptcy. The judge assigns them a trustee, played by Nathan Lane,who at first attempts to pit them against each other, the tells David that he will only be paid out five cents on the dollar for the millions of dollars the firm owes him if he leaves. David decides to stay. Unfortunately, the firm still needs to cut 30 percent of its staff to remain solvent.

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