‘The Talk’: Sharon Osbourne on Arnold Schwarzenegger: ‘He’s Full of Crap!’

Sheryl Underwood, Sara Gilbert and Sharon Osbourne of 'The Talk' (Photo: CBS)

Sharon Osbourne has had more than her fair share of wildness as the wife of rock legend Ozzy Osbourne, but if there’s one bad behavior she has no sympathy for, it’s cheating.

Osbourne was more than happy to share her opinion on Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s cavalier description of his many affairs on Sunday night’s “60 Minutes” with the co-hosts of “The Talk.”

“He is arrogant, he’s robotic,” Osbourne said of the former Governator’s demeanor. “He has the mindset of a man in the Victorian age… [in which] men have no respect for women. Women are just there to make the dinner and satisfy you after dinner, and that’s it. This man is a wretched little Austrian.”

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Schwarzenegger, who explained his multiple infidelities by saying, “I’m not perfect,” also admitted that his wife, Maria Shriver, knew about his indiscretions, to which the women of “The Talk” took offense.

“It’s not the right answer, ‘I’m not perfect,'” added Sara Gilbert. “He had plenty of time to prepare and get his attitude so he’s more endearing. The answer is, ‘I’m so sorry, I can’t believe I’ve done this, I clearly have a problem, I’ve caused people so much pain.”

“He’s not sorry! He’s got that s**t-eating grin on his face!” exclaimed Osbourne.

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“I know we all think we can change a person, but clearly, someone like this, who’s compulsively having sex all the time, is not going to turn over one day,” added Aisha Tyler.

“He’s full of crap!” said an exasperated Osbourne.

While media outlets continue to debate Schwarzenegger’s reasons for cheating and attempt to analyze his personality flaws, Osbourne refused to beat around the bush about her feelings: “If he was on fire, I would not pee on him.”

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