‘Raising Hope’ Has ‘Funeral Party’ with Guest Stars Melanie Griffith and Tippi Hedren

Melanie Griffith Guest Stars on 'Raising Hope' (Photo: Fox)

Hollywood royalty is coming to Fox when legendary Hitchcock blonde Tippi Hedren and her famous daughter Melanie Griffith guest star on tonight’s third-season premiere of “Raising Hope.”

Griffith says she’s “thrilled” to appear on the sitcom and calls her character Tamara “a complete narcissist,” who also happens to be Sabrina’s mother.

Mom turns up when there’s a death in the family–and her reaction to their Dead Nana gives the Chance family a run for the money in the family dysfunction department.

“Your grandmother is dead…we should be celebrating,” Griffith says in the season premiere. (Good grief, what would Maw Maw (Cloris Leachman) say?!)

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Griffith’s real-life mom Tippi Hedren has a cameo — in a casket — playing Tamara’s recently deceased mother — and Nana is “the most despicable character” Hedren says in the preview clip.

Watch what Hollywood legend Tippi Hedren has to say about working with “Raising Hope” costar Cloris Leachman — who was tickling her in the coffin — in the clip below.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Raising-Hope/107075/2276282954/First-Look%3A-Season-3/embed 580 476]

That’s why Nana’s funeral is more of a “party” says Shannon Woodard, the actress who plays Sabrina, who teases that Nana’s will may stipulate something about marriage and an inheritance, so things could be getting real serious, real quick for Sabrina and Jimmy (Lucas Neff).

Woodward also giddily expresses in the clip how thrilled the “Hope” cast is to have the famous mother-daughter duo on their show.

But wait…there’s a granddaughter too! The famous family tree is on full display on Fox tonight — stick around until 8:30/7:30c for the new sitcom “Ben and Kate” — which stars Griffith’s daughter Dakota Johnson (her dad is Don Johnson).

Season 3 of “Raising Hope” premieres Tuesday, Oct. 2, at 8/7c on Fox, followed by “Ben and Kate” at 8:30/7:30c.

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Check Out the Series Premiere of the Adorable “Ben and Kate” on xfinityTV:

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