Eric Dane Talks His ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Death on ‘Ellen’

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McSteamy fans are still mcmourning the tragic passing of Dr. Mark Sloan on last week’s season premiere of “Grey’s Anatomy” and just because it was announced months ago that Eric Dane was leaving the ABC show didn’t make it any easier on viewers.

When the actor appeared on Wednesday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” he didn’t seem too sentimental about leaving Seattle Grace after six seasons. “I just brought my iPad and and a couple books and laid in bed for 12 hours,” Dane said of filming his character’s death.

Dane did admit that seeing a photo of himself from the set in a coma was “creepy” — he’s referring to the spoiler-iffic one that was Tweeted by costar Patrick Dempsey, much to the chagrin of the network.

Dane told Ellen of the Twitter incident, “He [Patrick] said, ‘I’m gonna Tweet this,’ and I said, well, you should, that will piss somebody off, go for it.”

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While his character is gone, Dane is not — not yet anyway, since this week’s episode is conveniently a flashback.

“Nobody dies on ‘Grey’s Anatomy,'” Dane joked. “You always come back as a ghost somewhere.”

“They set it up so that I die right off the bat and then we go back and look at the events that precipitated the coma,” Dane explained.

During the interview, Ellen took a look back at six years of McSteamy — and his memorable entrance on the show in nothing but a towel — watch the clip above.

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Meanwhile, as if the “Grey’s” ninth-season premiere wasn’t heartbreaking enough, you will need more Kleenex for tomorrow night’s episode. ABC has released three new preview clips of Thursday’s show, which finally tells the story of what happened after the plane crash, how our docs-in-danger were rescued, how Arizona lost (gulp) her leg — and just what went wrong with Dr. Mark Sloan that put him in a coma … and (gulp) led to his death. Watch the clips below.

“Grey’s Anatomy” airs Thursday at 9/8c on ABC.

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