Jimmy Kimmel Talks to Kids About the Presidential Debate

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The only political analysis you need on the Obama-Romney showdown came from a segment on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” wherein the late-night host explains the debate to viewers … through the eyes of children.

Because “kids love politics,” Jimmy Kimmel thought he’d put together a focus group of kids to get their opinions of the presidential debate.

And as we all know, children always speak the harsh, hilarious truth.

“He looks funny,” one kid says of moderator Jim Lehrer, saying out loud what many adults were thinking. Why? “His eyes are weird.”

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The wee ones also share their thoughts on “Mitt Ronny” and his middle-class tax cut, how much they think the president gets paid, and the one question we all want to know, “Who would win in a fight: Obama or Romney?”

Watch the Clip Above. It’s good for a giggle.

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