‘Once Upon a Time’: Could Emma Swan Find Love in Season 2?

"Once Upon a Time" stars Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan. (ABC/AUTUMN DE WILDE

Once Upon a Time” rolled back in last Sunday on a wave of purple smoke that reintroduced magic to Storybrooke and revealed the after affects of the broken curse. For Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison), that meant swallowing two pills; one sweet — the identities of her parents were finally revealed; and one bitter – Prince Charming (Josh Dallas) and Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) had abanoned her.  While still reeling from those realizations, and attempting to keep Regina (Lana Parrilla) safe from a wraith, Emma and Snow were sucked through a portal back into the Fairytale Land That Was. The last shot we saw was the two of them, discovered by Mulan (Jamie Chung) and Princess Aurora (Sarah Bolger), buried under a pile rubble.

So what lies ahead on Emma and Snow’s journey? And will Emma, who has previously been cursed herself in the love department, finally find a relationship this season? We recently caught up with Morrison to find out just that.

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Emma certainly didn’t seem thrilled about finding out the identities of her parents.  How will her attitude and position on that evolve this season?
It’s such an emotional process when you spend twenty eight years of your life really knowing that your parents didn’t care enough to keep you in their lives they just gave you up. Even when you want to search for them because you want to know who they are, there’s no way of knowing how you’re going to react to that actual moment. It’s definitely a very emotionally complex experience to try to accept that these two people that she’s gotten to know as friends, who she does believe to be good people, could have given her up, and then to try to wrap her brain around why she was given up and if it was really worth being given up. There’s definitely a journey there where she has to sort of first of all figure out how to accept it, because it is such an outrageous idea to find out that your parents are Snow White and Prince Charming. But second of all, just like allow herself to deal with feelings that are coming up. She’s not someone who’s ever dealt with her feelings, she’s always sort of pushed them down and not allowed herself to go there. Now she really has to deal with all of this. There are going to be times when she brushes it off and makes a joke out of it and there are going to be times where she gets very emotional about it, and there’s definitely going to be a journey of her being able to see things a certain way that she can relate to so she can start to accept why they made the decision that they made and start mending that relationship so she can start to be their child, in a sense.

Preview Sunday’s Episode of “Once Upon a Time”:

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Will she be emotionally available for a romantic relationship? She’s been 0 for 2 in the love department between Pinocchio and the Huntsman.
This is something that [creators] Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz talked to me about. Season one was really about Emma falling in love with Henry and there was nobody who was going to get in the way of that or interrupt that because it was her reuniting with her son and being given a second chance to be his mother and her learning how to be a mother. Now in season two that she’s less concerned with Henry — their relationship has grown, and she’s had her parents revealed with her and she’s dealing with all of that, I think that leaves her in a more vulnerable state and more accessible to the possibility of romance coming into her life. She’s definitely not going to be the pursuer and she’s definitely going to take some convincing, but she’s going to have men sort of aggressively trying to be in her life.

Any men that we’ve seen before?
No. There are men in her life that we’ve seen before but not men in her life who are being aggressive — those are men who we’ve never seen before.

We know the identity of Henry’s father is going to be revealed this season. How will that come to pass?
You’re going to see Henry’s father in Episode six. You’re going to see more of Emma’s backstory and that’s when you’ll find out about him.

Colin O’Donoghue (Captain Hook) has just become a series regular. What will Emma’s interaction be with him?
She has quite a bit of interaction with him, actually. He is in fairytale land so in Emma’s adventures of now being stuck in fairytale land she winds up having to deal with him. He’s a complicated character because he certainly is a villain in some sense but at times it’s kind of like the way Emma would have to choose the lesser of two evils in last season when sometimes she’d need to pair up with Regina and Mr. Gold. She knew Mr. Gold was a villain but that sometimes he could benefit her. There’s an element of that in fairytale land when there are times where she has to go to Captain Hook in order to get what she needs in fairytale land and that definitely comes at a price.

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