Final Season of ‘Gossip Girl’ Promises Hot Hook-Ups and Shocking Twists

Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf and Penn Badgley as Dan Humphrey in "Gossip Girl" (Photo: Giovanni Rufino/The CW)

The final season of “Gossip Girl” premieres tonight. In six years, the well to do Upper Eastsiders have gone from privileged teens who obsessed over clothes, social status and and boys, to adults who obsess over clothes, social status and men. The difference is that they are now playing in the big leagues. It would be improbable that a group of twenty year-olds are newspaper publishers, fashion designers, best selling authors, executives and prominent socialites, but as members of the one percent, they would be able to skip paying their dues. Besides, the show was boring when they were ostensibly in college. Based on the first two episodes, the season will reward the show’s fans with reunions of popular couples, shout outs to show’s glorious early seasons and the exposure of the show’s biggest secret: Gossip Girl’s identity. Here are five reasons why you need to watch.

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It’s Chock Full of Inappropriate Sex: The premiere opens with a hilarious sex scene that picks right up where the season finale left off as Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Blair (Leighton Meester) make up for last time with some very steamy sex that will delight not only Chair fans but fans of cheesy sex related puns and sight gags. Yes, the show’s most starcrossed couple has reunited — but there is a twist. They are not the only duo who is hitting the sheets. There is also the start of a new romance for Nate (Chace Crawford), which takes a 180 degree turn in episode two that may divide the audience. Finally, there is a hook up that will absolutely disgust viewers and most of the other characters on the show — but it’s supposed to be repulsive. Warning: once seen, it cannot be unseen. Get a sneak peek at all the action in the promo below.

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Former Characters Return: As befits a show saying goodbye, several former characters return and there are numerous references to the show’s history. Gossip Girl herself makes a meta reference to this being her final season. The Constance Billiard School makes an intriguing cameo. Bart Bass (Robert John Burke) reappeared in the season finale, and in the premiere we learn that he is determined to pick up right where he left off before he “died,” which has consequences for numerous other characters. There are mentions of Serena’s former drug dealer Damian, and the mental hospital where both Serena and Eric spent time. Blair’s high school academic rival Nelly Yuki (Yin Chang) returns in the second episode, and, best of all, Blair’s new office is decorated with photos of Blair and Serena’s infamous Season 1 photo shoot.

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Nate is Determined to Expose Gossip Girl’s Identity: Diane (Elizabeth Hurley) gave Nate a clue about Gossip Girl’s identity last season. Now that he is running The Spectator, he is determined to find him/her and get the scoop of the century. He hilariously has created a mock-up of the feature about Gossip Girl with a blank spot for her photo. How could he possibly have written anything without that key piece of information? Well, he is running a magazine without a college degree. Check out this video of the cast speculating about Gossip Girl’s identity. Who do you think it is?

Serena’s New Boyfriend Has Her in Seventh Heaven: The season starts with Serena (Blake Lively) missing, after alienating most of her friends last season. The search for her takes a lot of twists and turns and ends up reuniting many characters who begin the episode scattered around the globe. She turns up in an unexpected place. However, it should come as no surprise to anyone that she has a new man at her side. Emphasis on man. He is considerably older than her, setting up one of the main themes of this season — that everyone is truly an adult now. He is played by Barry Watson, best known as “Seventh Heaven’s” teen heartthrob, further emphasizing that nobody stays young forever. He, of course, turns out to have a surprising connection to another character.

Dan is Out for Revenge: After losing both Blair and his book deal, Dan (Penn Badgley) is in a dark, bitter place. So dark that he has teamed up with Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg) to take down the Upper East Side. Fortunately, a vengeful Dan is a hilarious Dan.  Two different people slap him over the course of the premiere. His plan is to publish a book that is once again autobiographical, but this time naming names pretty much turns him into Gossip Girl. The question is whether the sex tape of him and Serena still exists and whether he will really go through with the plan. There is a scene between him and Blair that gives a little bit of hope to Chair fans. Will Dan actually go through with ruining his friends lives? Will he ever realize that a novelist who only writes about himself lacks creativity? Only Gossip Girl knows. XOXO.

Watch the “Gossip Girl” Producers Discuss the Final Season Premiere:

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The final season premiere of “Gossip Girl” airs on Monday, October 8 at 8/7c on the CW.

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