‘The Good Wife’ Shocks with Eye-Poppingly Raunchy Sex Scene

Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) on "The Good Wife" (Jeffrey Neira/CBS)

This week’s episode of ‘The Good Wife” featured a sex scene that was filthier than anything on HBO or Showtime. Hell, it even gave Cinemax a run for its money. How did it end up on CBS? Well, the show’s clever writers and director managed to craft a very adult scene in which both characters were fully clothed and any children who happened to be watching would probably have no idea what they witnessed. Watch it for yourself below.

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It should come as no surprise that Chicago’s biggest freaks are Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) and her not so estranged husband Nick (Marc Warren). The depraved scenario: the two of them are eating soft serve ice cream in a restaurant. Nick, well, he sticks an ice cream covered finger into her nether regions!?! He says, “Do you remember this?” She coldly tells him she remembers him being better at it. So, uh, is this a thing that all the cool kids are doing? Or at least the staff of ‘The Good Wife”? It seems like it would be uncomfortable and unhygienic. Although, it would have been great product placement for any publicity hungry ice cream company. It certainly answers the question, “What you do for a Klondike?”

I cannot believe I just saw that on a broadcast television show, especially one that my mother and I both watch. I don’t think we’re going to discuss that scene.

This is not the show’s first foray into explicit sex. Alicia and Peter had a memorable encounter in their bathroom that went a long way towards explaining why she is still drawn to him despite his cheating. Kalinda had a lesbian sex scene last season that had a similar, “What the hell are they doing?” quality. It’s surprising that CBS has not marketed the show, which despite its numerous awards struggles in the ratings, as television’s sexiest show. Most people who have not seen it think it’s just another procedural. Cable TV’s ratings were built on swearing and nudity.


Oh, yeah. There was the rest of the episode, too. Will’s (Josh Charles) first post-suspension case involves a protestor who was killed by a police stun gun. He gets an $800K settlement offer. The firm’s new trustee, Clark (Nathan Lane) wants them to accept it, but they tell him that he does not get to make that call. The judge in the case is a doozy; he keeps bragging about his years at Harvard, and he uses an obscure judicial ruling to allow the jurors to pose written questions to the witnesses. This unsurprisingly derails both sides’ strategies. One juror wonders why the victim’s fiancee wasn’t wearing an engagement ring in the photos of the death scene. It turns out she broke off their engagement and neglected to tell Lockhart-Gardner. Will wants a distracted, off her game Kalinda to dig up the dirt on the juror. There is another juror question about whether anti-depressants would be detected by the toxin screen performed during the autopsy. It turns out the victim sought therapy in the past and was treated with anti-depressants. The city attorney takes back the settlement offer.

Kalinda talks to another protestor who reveals that during the demonstration the undercover cops put a sticker on the victim’s backpack that marked him as a troublemaker. Sure enough, there is footage of it in the video, but a close examination of the footage reveals that it was just a happy face sticker placed on the pack by the victim, and that it had been removed by the time the victim died. Will gts the cop to admit that he mistakenly thought the sticker identified the victim as a troublemaker, and repeatedly tazed him. Lockhart-Gardner wins a multimillion dollar settlement.

Clark’s mission to cut the firm’s headcount seems curiously focused on Alicia (Julianna Margulies). Either it’s a mislead, or he is in someway involved in the gubernatorial campaign. He queries other associates about why they should be kept over Alicia. pointing out that she seems to get a lot of privileges for an associate. When Alicia is grilled, she says she refuses to play thunderdome. Then she learns one of the associates she was asked about was fired. Clark asks Alicia about another associate in M&A. Alicia praises her and refuses to name other names. He fires everyone in the department but the lawyer Alicia mentioned.

Kalinda tells Alicia that Nick is her husband. Alicia, shocked, agrees to drop the case. Alicia tells him the firm is overscheduled. He responds by drinking an entire bottle of Pellegrino before leaving, and blowing a kiss to Kalinda. Kalinda comes home to find him pointing a gun at her. He punches the wall and slices open his hand. They have more dysfunctional dialogue then have sex. Clark tells Alicia she has to take Nick’s case for the billable hours. Speculation: Nick is going to end up dead, creating all sorts of problems for Kalinda and the firm.

Meanwhile, Diane (Christine Baranski) introduces herself to the building’s new landlord, semiconductor magnate Mattie (Maura Tierney), hoping to cut a deal on the firm’s rent. Mattie weirdly wants Alicia to present the plan to her. Mattie grills Alicia about standing by Peter (Chris Noth), then decides to contribute to his campaign. Diane tells Alicia that Mattie is not renegotiating the rent, and wonders why she is donating to Peter. It look like Alicia sold Diane out, and it seems like Mattie has some sort of hidden agenda.  When Mattie asks Alicia out for a drink, Alicia thinks she is hitting on her. Maybe Mattie just wants to talk about what it was like to replace Alicia on “ER.” Mattie clarifies that she is looking for a BFF. Alicia would be delighted to be her friend. Could Mattie be working with Clark on some scheme that involves Alicia and Peter? On the campaign bus, Peter thanks Alicia for being a rainmaker. There’s a flirtatious, romantic vibe between them.

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