No More Secrets? Look Who Outed Castle and Beckett

Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion in "Castle" (ABC/RICHARD CARTWRIGHT)

Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic) have gone to great lengths to keep their relationship a secret. Early in this week’s episode of “Castle,” Castle learns somebody is onto them. Watch the clip below to find out who figured it out.

Yes, Martha (Susan Sullivan) has been onto them all along. She reveals that she figured out that Castle and Beckett were having sex because she noticed Beckett hiding when she returned the morning after they first slept together. Alexis (Molly Quinn), who is preparing to move into the dorms, overhears and Castle is forced to tell her that he is dating Beckett. Beckett is scared that she will tell Lainie and Lainie will tell everyone else.

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The case of the week is a dead woman, Wendy,  who wrote the world lie in her own blood before she died. She had four thousand dollars with her.  The clues lead to a self-storage center, setting up the episode’s theme about the symbolic significance of objects. The victim showed up at an auction to bid on a unit with the four grand. Castle realizes if they flip LIE over in the crime scene photo, it’s number 317. Without a warrant, they need to bid on the unit to get access to it.  Castle happens to be carrying 200 dollars in cash, because he is obscenely wealthy. Unfortunately, a Russian guy gets into a bidding war with him. In a cute bit, Beckett offers another bidder a check for more money than he is carrying in exchange for his cash. He isn’t interested until he learns it’s for Castle. He agrees to the deal provided Castle names a character in his next book after the bidder’s mother.

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The unit turns out to belong to someone who does not exist. Gates (Penny Johnson Jerald) is angry that Castle has dumped a room full of junk in the precinct until she sees a rare doll she has coveted since she was a kid. He gives it to her and she agrees to let him keep the stuff there. Hee! The unit turns out to belong to her apparent twin brother Wendell who died six weeks ago when he was hit by a subway train. He called Wendy just before he died to say their problems were over. Wendell was a wealthy socialite’s chauffeur. Two days before his death her 4 million dollar bracelet was stolen.

Castle’s theory is that Wendell’s partner killed him. Beckett wonders if it was the one bidder who was as determined to get the storage unit as Castle. He shares that a guy offered him 500 to be his proxy. He comes up with a sketch of the guy.

Gates has done a 180 about Castle. She reads Frozen Heat and asks him to autograph it.  At that point, I realize that the bracelet will turn out to be inside the doll that Castle gave her.

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It turns out that Wendell’s partner broke into the unit before the auction and stole a safe. He swears he had no idea he was dead until he read it into the paper.  The safe turned out to be empty. Beckett wonders if Anjelica was lying. It turns out that she was filing for bankruptcy until she made a two million dollar payment with the insurance money. So the bracelet was not really stolen, and she may have killed them for knowing the truth. The bracelet is in her safe. She claims she had no idea that Wendell was involved. She was burgled and decided to pretend the bracelet was stolen.

There is a super romantic Caskett moment  at the precinct where Castle wishes he could kiss Beckett goodbye, and they agree that they are going to substitute handshakes for kisses in public. So they shake hands longingly, passionately, which is adorable but will look very odd to everyone else because nobody shakes hands with someone they have known for years.

Alexis seems to have issue with Caskett’s relationship, but admits that she is really just nervous about moving out of the house. She opted not to bring the medal Castle gave her as a child for conquering her fear of monsters, but, in her dorm room, she asks him to check under the bed one last time. Castle is the world’s greatest dad.

On his way out, Castle sees a woman with  a teddy bear backpack and realizes what I did two acts ago: Wendell hid something important inside the doll. He rushes to Gates office, smashes it, only to discover that there is nothing inside. That’s because he just smashed Gates’ doll that she brought from home so she’d have the full collection at work. So much for their new friendship. He smashes the right one and finds a USB drive and a glass eye inside. The drive contains photos of the car crash that killed his parents.  Some of the photos reveal a glass eye was left behind at the crash scene. They realize he was trying to find his parents killer. It turns out that it was Anjelica’s butler who caused the accident. Beckett reveals his DNA was found on the glass eye and it matched the DNA casing in the hotel room. He admits to the murders.

Castle wonders about the significance of a wooden figure he finds in Beckett’s desk. She reveals that it is from a trip to Coney Island with her dad after her mom’s funeral. They made it out of sticks and twine. It reminds her that even the worst days can have good moments. Awww. Sweetest episode ever.

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