Jimmy Fallon Welcomes You to ‘Mister Romney’s Neighborhood’

by | October 10, 2012 at 4:16 PM | Fall TV Preview 2012, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

A salt-and-pepper sideburned-speckled Jimmy Fallon took his turn at some election-spoofing, “SNL” style, on Tuesday’s “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” when he took viewers on a tour of “Mister Romney’s Neighborhood.”

Trading the classic cardigan for a blazer, Fallon portrays Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney as the host of the beloved children’s PBS program, “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood,” or as he explains it, the show that’s on the channel for poor people who don’t have cable.

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“Hello, neighbor,” it’s greetings from the neighborhood of “make believe” — “that’s where me and Paul Ryan get most of our facts,” says Fallon, and “where money comes from a magical place called our parents.” He then explains to his gentle viewers what money is used for: to buy “toys and yachts.”

There’s also a cameo from his “good friend” Mr. Obama, whose new occupation is that of the “mailman.” Obama teaches us a new word — “choke” — before Mr. Romney promptly slams the door in his face.

Watch the Clip Above.