LA Reid Furious Over His ‘X Factor’ Assignment

A furious LA Reid slams down the phone in frustration on "The X Factor" (FOX)

What does LA Reid have against the old folks? On last night’s “X Factor,” the judges as a whole did a last elimination, finally grouping six contestants each into four categories: Teens, Young Adults, Groups and Over 25s.

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Then the judges found out which group would be theirs. Britney Spears said she wanted the Teens and she got them. Yay! Demi Lovato said she wanted the Young Adults (ages 20–25 it seems) and she got them. Yay! Simon Cowell… well, Simon got the Groups.

But LA gave his preference without second thought: “There are categories that I absolutely don’t want. If you told me that I had to choose between the Groups and Over 25s, I would have to say I have no interest.”

Ouch! When each judge got the call with their assignments, the first three seemed pretty satisfied. But when LA got the call that he got the Groups, he slammed down the phone.

Why was he so pissed? Probably because he knew his guest mentor would be wasted on his group of people who were born in the ‘80s and don’t really care who Justin Bieber is. It really would have been fun to see what happened when the Teen group was introduced to the Biebs; instead Justin got a pretty lukewarm reception of golf claps from the Over 25s. And the Teens seemed no more excited to meet Britney’s helper,

Watch the “X Factor” judges get their assignments:

[iframe 580 476]

The two guest mentors we got to know the most were Simon’s friend Marc “Antony” and Demi’s buddy Nick Jonas, since the rest of the episode focused on their two teams. We got to see inside Demi’s L.A. loft, which looks like she moved in as soon as a reality show cast moved out. Then we got a moment of critique before her six Young Adults performed.

Some highlights? Telling Jennel Garcia to stop touching her hair (she didn’t) and Jillian Jensen to stop making weird faces (she did, and Nick Jonas thought she was sexy). The best, though, was when Demi told leopard spotted CeCe Frey that she’s unlikable. Bam!

(The other YAs were Willie Jones, Nick Youngerman and Paige Thomas.)

Watch Demi tell CeCe that she “borderlines unlikable”:

[iframe 580 476]

Simon brought the Groups to his Miami home, which, if you watched the show last year, just makes you feel even worse that he’s got this place IN ADDITION TO his French mansion. Only three original groups made it to this round (California guys Emblem 3, smooth duo Dope Crisis, and country siblings Sisters C), and the other three were formed by “The X Factor” from solo artists (five-boy band Playback, hip-hop artist Lyric Da Queen + rap guys ONE4FIVE = Lyric 145, and five-girl group LYLAS).

Simon and Marc  differed in some of their opinions, but they agreed on one thing: “There’s clearly one great group here.” Did he mean Lyric 145, which did an awesome rap spin on Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the USA”? Or LYLAS, which came up with ridiculously tight vocal harmonies on “Impossible”? Only two more episodes till we find out. First we need to see LA Reid be absolutely tortured by those elderly singers.

Watch LYLAS deliver the goods on Wednesday’s “X Factor”:

[iframe 580 476]

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