Deep Soap: Eileen Davidson on Her ‘Days’ Absence and What to Expect Now That She’s Back

"Days of Our Lives": Eileen Davidson as Kristen -- (Photo by: Benjamin Cohen/NBC)

Eileen Davidson on Her Return to “Days of Our Lives”

Thursday, Eileen Davidson returned to “Days of Our Lives” in the role of Kristen Blake after a fourteen year absence. Kristen’s father, Stefano (Joseph Mascolo)  asked her to return to Salem to help bring the DiMera family back together. Kristen was one of five characters that Davidson played during a wacky era of DOOL. In her 1990s incarnation, Kristen was a devious woman who was obsessed with John (Drake Hogestyn). Now, according to Davidson, Kristen is a changed woman — or at least wants people to think that she has changed. Kristen’s return will launch a new storyline for the backburnered John and Marlena (Deidre Hall), as they immediately start to worry that she is still determined to win John back. During a press call, Davidson previewed her upcoming storyline, and shared whether she would consider doing double duty with her former soap, “The Young & the Restless.”

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On Rumors that Sony, the studio that produces both soaps, wanted her to appear on both “Days of Our Lives” and “The Young & The Restless” simultaneously.

I’m having such a great time where I’m at now. I don’t really want to revisit what happened a few months ago. But I will say that I have a great fondness for both shows, clearly. And I’d always be happy to work at both places. I have no issue with that whatsoever.

On Kristen’s Relationship with her brother E.J. and whether she will also play his mother, Susan

E.J. is her little brother, basically, because they’re all DiMeras. Stefano very much wants her to put the family back together. So she’ll be having a lot of interaction with E.J., which I love. I love working with James. He’s terrific. In terms of Susan, I don’t know. I think I’ve said before in different interviews, the show is such a different animal than it was 14 years ago. I think everybody knows that who was watching then and watching now. It’s much more based in reality now than it was then. I don’t know how Susan would fit in to the format. Can you imagine her in Horton square? I don’t know.  I’m willing to try because I have such a fondness for the character, but we’ll have to see.

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And her relationship with James Scott

The first time we met I gave him a big hug because I knew that we had scenes together that day. I was feeling very effusive and very happy to be back. Everybody was so warm and welcoming, I just came and gave him a big fat hug. I love working with James. He’s very open to improv and doing things in the moment and he’s such a terrific actor that it was great from the very get go. I hope people like it. It’s kind of fun, the fact that what I did to his mother and him and now he is this grown man. We have a very interesting history.

On whether Kristen wants to steal John away from Marlena

I think Kristen is always misunderstood. Ultimately, she is a misunderstood woman. So you just have to stay tuned and see how the whole thing plays out. I have to say it’s been so much fun to play, lots of twists and turns, and she’s very authentic and very convincing in that she wants to be seen as a new woman now.

On Kristen’s rivalry with Marlena

Marlena just doesn’t rust her and no matter what Kristen does, it seems like she just can’t convince her that she’s definitely changed. That’s the biggest hurdle for Kristen to overcome is getting Marlena to trust her again. She’s a hard nut to crack.

Anna and Duke’s Reunion

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Anna (Finola Hughes) and Duke’s (Ian Buchanan) reunion scenes were so well crafted that I found myself fighting tears even though I was not watching “General Hospital” the first time that Duke was on the show, back in the 1980s As Anna pointed a gun at the man who she initially could not believe was her former love, since as far as she knew he was A) dead B) no longer looked like Ian Buchanan due to a plastic surgery storyline that was used to explain a recast she gradually became convinced that she was, in fact, talking to Duke.His dialogue in the present was intercut with flashbacks of him saying the exact same words to her decades ago, when his hair was darker and hers was considerably bigger. Buchanan and Hughes have explosive chemistry. Buchanan seemed like a completely different actor from his recent scenery-chewing stint on “Days of Our Lives” as he subtly conveyed the tension between Duke’s desire to reunite with Anna and his guilt about  keeping her away from the very much alive Robin. I have no idea what Duke is planning, but I’m willing to build the Anna & Duke ship decades after it was built.

The Lamest Break-up Ever

After twenty-five years and multiple weddings, Brooke and Ridge’s relationship on ‘The Bold & the Beautiful”  is over because of a text message. This has got to be the stupidest break-up I have seen in a lifetime of soap watching. Yes, Ronn Moss  left the show on short notice, but surely the writers could have come up with something that was remotely plausible. The idea that Ridge decided to end their brand new marriage, off-camera, because Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) did not tell him that Deacon was sending her text messages is preposterous. They are not twelve year olds. Deacon (Sean Kanan) was not sexting her. He just wanted her help in his attempts to build a relationship with their daughter, Hope.We’re supposed to believe that in Ridge’s opinion, this constituted Brooke breaking her promise that she would never lie to him again. I would have rather he fell overboard while they were boating and was presumed dead than this nonsensical explanation for the character’s absence.

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