Watch: ‘SNL’ Tackles the Veep Debate

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“Saturday Night Live” opened — inevitably — with its own take on last week’s vice presidential debate.

With Vice President Joe Biden adopting an aggressive strategy of grimacing and gesturing throughout the debate in order to distract his much-younger opponent, the debate was tailor-made for the “SNL” treatment.

So true to form, “SNL” opened with an extended parody of the Veep clash, with Jason Sudeikis taking on the Biden role and Taran Killam playing Rep. Paul Ryan. Among the highlights: A cameo appearance by a famous Olympian. Watch this Veep debate sketch, above.

Sure, we all love topical, timely political satire, especially in the midst of a close presidential campaign. It’s what we expect from “SNL,” right?

But there’s also no substitute for classic, non-political sketch comedy. And this next clip from Saturday night’s show came right out of the sketch-comedy playbook. It takes a pop-culture phenomenon — in this case, the various complaints about the new iPhone 5 — and does something unexpected with it. Here, three Chinese factory workers who assembled the new phones confront a group of tech nerds and belittle their complaints. Fred Armisen is especially effective as one of the factory workers. Also in this sketch: Christina Applegate, “SNL” guest host for the evening.

Watch “Tech Talk: iPhone 5”:
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Here’s a recurring bit we haven’t seen on “SNL” since last spring’s season finale with Mick Jagger. It’s the continuing soap opera known as “The Californians.”

Watch this new chapter of “The Californians” here:
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We also liked “SNL’s” take on today’s over-the-top action movies. “SNL” made its opinion known on this topic with a spoof trailer for the new Liam Neeson movie, “Taken 2.” Pay close attention to Jay Pharoah’s impersonation of Denzel Washington — it’s spot-on (as the Brits say).

Watch this:
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As always, we have the entire episode of “SNL” right here:
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