‘Nashville’ Preview: ‘She’s Got 500 Miles Worth of Nerve’

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See the thing about Southern women and their infamous charm is that they can make sass talkin’ sound so sweet while the y’alls and claws fly.

On the new episode of “Nashville,” which debuted big in the ratings last week, the rivalry between fortysomething country star Rayna James (Connie Britton) and twentysomething country pop tart Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere) starts to spice up.

As Juliette tries to swipe not just Rayna’s country queen throne but also her hunky bandmate, Rayna gets her own digs in as she embarks on her own tour, instead of bowing to the record label’s demand that she be the opening act for Juliette’s tour.

“Deacon was just telling me about your little tour,” a smug Juliette says to Rayna.

“Yeah, you know, it’s going to be old school, just guitars and great songs… for people who love actual music,” Rayna replies with a smile.

“She’s got 500 miles worth of nerve,” Rayna adds when she hears the younger, blonder performer is writing a song with her band leader, Deacon (Charles Esten).

Watch More of the Tawdry Entanglement in the Clip Above.

“Nashville” airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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