‘Revenge’ Recap: Emily’s Secret Past with Aiden Revealed

Barry Sloane and Emily VanCamp in "Revenge" (Colleen Hayes/ABC)

This week’s episode of “Revenge” confirmed a lesson I learned as a child from “The Shining.” Nothing good can come from a maze. Also there is attempted murder by trash compactor, a very dramatic press conference, the revelation of two romantic backstories, and Nolan (Gabriel Mann) gets attacked. Yes, again.

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We open in 2008. Everyone is talking about that spunky newcomer Sarah Palin. No, actually we’re in Japan. Emanda (Emily VanCamp) and the Hot Aussie (Barry Sloane) were being chased by a couple of cute little fluffy dogs through a maze. He’s hurt so she helps him over a fence. Takeda 2.0, who I cannot get used to, says Hot Aussie won the race by faking an injury and tells her to lose her compassion. In the present, she is less than thrilled to see him even though he killed the White Haired Man. Hot Aussie, whose name is Aiden (because what else would it be?), steals the WHM’s motel key while Emanda is on the phone. He tells her she needs to trust him so she can restore Takeda’s faith in her. She knocks him out. Basically, they are a pg-13 version of Kalinda and her ex on “The Good Wife.” Watch this clip and see if you agree.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/Revenge/7878683525689254112/2291029770/Emily-and-Aiden-s-Past-Revealed/embed 580 476]

Emanda proves herself more of a G than Kalinda. The next time we see Aiden, he’s about to be crushed to death in a trash compactor!

He jumps off the garbage truck, uninjured, and ascertains that he miraculously has held onto the WHM’s motel keys. He searches WHM’s empty motel room, then hilariously draws inspiration from the Motel’s central air sign and finds the flight recorder hidden in the air conditioner. He takes it. As he leaves, the motel’s owner, Emanda’s Mom(!) (Jennifer Jason Leigh) cleverly disguised by a pair of sunglasses, wonders what he is doing. Aidan pretends to be a cop named Lasky and asks her if she’s seen WHM. She says no, then immediately calls the police department and learns there is no detective Lasky.

Meanwhile, Emanda asks Nolan to repair WHM’s phone which was damaged by Aidan’s bullet. Nolan introduces her to Padma, his annoying unqualified CFO, who seems to have developed a crush on him. Her next stop is Amily (Margarita LeVeiva), who she gives a forged version of David’s diary. She wants Amily to give it to Charlotte. Amily initially refuses to go against Jack’s (Nick Wechsler) wishes that she avoid the Graysons, but Emanda has her over a barrel since Amily is convinced that Emanda has a paternity test which proves Jack is not the father of her baby .

Declan (Connor Paolo) burglarizes a mansion with his sketchy classmate. The homeowner gives Declan’s driver’s license to Jack. Declan sucks as badly at crime as he does at everything else. Jack confronts Declan who claims he acted alone. He says he will not press charges if Declan gives his stuff back but warns that the Porters owe him.

Aiden jumps Nolan (not in the sexy way) when he comes home. Nolan wonders, “Why does this keep happening to me?” Ha! Aiden wants to trade his WHM stuff for Emanda’s. He insists he is not her enemy. She flashes back to him explaining he tricked her in the race so Takeda would give her permission to leave the compound. He wants to find his sister. She offers to join him. They make out. He tells her to meet him in the maze at midnight. So there was someone besides Jack that she loved. The odds that Aiden is Amily’s Baby Daddy just got way higher. In the present she tells him that just because he failed to find his sister doesn’t mean she will fail to find her mother. She looks at the WHM’s pocket watch which has a photo of her mother in the case.

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In the episode’s saddest moment, Nolan moves out. Emanda says she will find a way to thank him for all his help. He says finding her mom will be thanks enough. Best friend ever!

Daniel (Josh Bowman), with Victoria (Madeline Stowe), watches Emanda seemingly cleaning from his stalking balcony, attributing her behavior to insomnia. Victoria flashes back to being on the plane. The White Haired Man phones Victoria to inform her that the plane will blow up and they need to team up to destroy Conrad. All they need is Charlotte’s inheritance. In the present, Victoria is mad that Charlotte is spending some of her inheritance on a $5,000  gift certificate for Amily’s baby’s nursery. Victoria warn Charlotte to stay away from her and tells Emanda she needs to avoid the Grayons because of the potential danger from WHM and the media scrutiny on the family.

Victoria sets up an interview with Vanity Fair to tell her story, and hopefully get rid of the helicopters that are circling their estate.  She orders the rest of the family to stay inside to avoid the press. That doesn’t seem fair.  She tells Conrad (Henry Czerny) that at the end of the summer she will leave him.

On Grayson media day, while Emanda creates a distraction so Amily can sneak Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) the fake diary, someone sends Daniel “Victoria Clarke’s”  passport. Daniel realizes his mom is a lying liar who lies. Daniel shows Conrad Victoria’s passport. He is shocked that Victoria faked her kidnapping. Conrad informs him that everybody already knows. Daniel, you are father out of the loop than Charlotte. Emanda advises Daniel to beat Victoria at her own game.

After reading the journal, Charlotte interrupts Victoria’s interview with the reporter, who is disappointingly not Mason Treadwell, to announce that David Clarke was her father. As Emanda and Amily look on, Victoria summons the reporters who have been surrounding the house and tells them that Charlotte is David’s daughter. She makes Charlotte join her. Conrad gets a phone call from the initiative before joining Victoria at the press conference. Then Victoria welcome Amily and her child into the Grayson fold. Jack, watching on TV, is shocked. Jack tells Amily it was wrong of him to keep her away from the Graysons but he doesn’t think he can commit to her.

Daniel, taking Emanda’s advice, tells Victoria he’s willing to mend fences. Conrad tells Victoria he gave a reporter  an exclusive on their upcoming wedding in Tuscany, Ha! He tells Victoria it’s a small price to pay for branding him a cuckold. He also says the WHM is as good as dead. (Understatement!) Victoria says they are in trouble again, thanks  to him..

Aiden tells Emanda he sent the passport to the Graysons and it worked. Flashback: Aiden stands her up. Takeda says her lover has left her behind. In the present Aiden says he is sorry and asks her to trust him. Then he shows her the flight recorder. She hears message from her mother to Gordon saying she will go dark if she doesn’t hear from him. She hopes he is okay. She loves him. Wait, what? How? Aah!!!

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