Blake Shelton Pairs an Unlikely Duo in ‘The Voice’ Battle Rounds

"The Voice" Battle Rounds: Julio Cesar Castillo and Terisa Griffin -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Except for one very strange pairing on Monday’s continuation of the battle rounds on “The Voice,” most duets were clearly a coach’s attempt to eliminate redundancies on their teams.

The exception came first, when Blake Shelton matched up 42-year-old handful Terisa Griffin with mariachi singer Julio Cesar Castillo. The pair seemed very confused about the fact that they’d be singing together, but Blake explained it was because of the song: “Conga.” Terisa, because, like Gloria Estefan, she’s a female singer. Julio because it’s Latin.

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They couldn’t be an odder pair, but both of them did their thing really well. Julio sang super smooth, and Terisa danced and wailed and went nuts. She was definitely better, but Blake, perhaps messed up by the absolute weirdness of the performance, said he was choosing Julio because Julio had the most trouble in rehearsal. What? Didn’t realize picking the one who’s worse became a strategy, but I guess that’s Blake’s plan.

Cee Lo Green has a different strategy, and that would be to acquire fantastic singers, because he used up his last “steal” on Terisa.

[iframe 580 476]

Everyone else just paired up similar folks, like guys (Adam Levine’s Sam James and Benji); “gypsy souls” (Blake’s Lelia Broussard and Suzanna Choffel); and really bad singers (Christina Aguilera’s Dez Duron and Paulina). Adam kept the more believable Sam over growly Benji; Blake took mature Suzanna over indie imitator Lelia; and Christina kept Dez probably because he’s cuter and managed to stay on pitch more than super annoying Paulina.

Cee Lo matched up two bearded, blue-eyed soul singers and family men: Nicholas David, the Minnesotan Aaron Neville; and father-to-be Todd Kessler. These guys became pretty good friends through their rehearsals on Hall & Oates’ “She’s Gone,” and when Nicholas David wins this show on charm and style sense alone (‘70s leisure suits? Heck yeah.) he’s totally going to draft Todd into his band.

Blake to Nicholas: “You look like Jesus and people like that.” Naturally Nicholas was Cee Lo’s pick.

[iframe 580 476]

The final battle of the night pitted two of Christina’s pop/dance girls against one another: Joselyn Rivera and Sylvia Yacoub. It was amazing how much these two looked and sounded alike; the difference was that Sylvia did everything louder on “Best Thing I Never Had.”

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Christina, who generally makes pretty terrible decisions on this show, chose Sylvia, because “I’m gonna go with fire.”

Adam and Blake both tried to steal Joselyn, Adam telling her he saw something in her he didn’t see during the blind auditions. Blake put it more simply: “Joselyn? I love you.” But that was more creepy than endearing, and Joselyn went with Adam.

[iframe 580 476]

With that, both Adam and Cee Lo finished using their two steals. Blake still has one, and Christina still has both available, which she’ll probably use to gain some extra fake eyelashes, which at this point are more interesting than most of her team members.

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