Castle and Beckett’s Relationship Revealed by an Unexpected Source

Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic in "Castle" (ABC)

This week’s episode of “Castle” was a delightful confection. A tribute to “Murder She Wrote,” titled, appropriately enough, “Murder He Wrote,” it was the perfect blend of comedy, romance, and, even a shout out to the show’s fandom.

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Castle (Nathan Fillion) drops by the precinct to whisk Beckett (Stana Katic)  away on a romantic weekend trip to the Hamptons. In my dreams, Castle runs into Nolan Ross and they have a quip off. Although, he’d figure out that Emily is really Amanda in about 30 seconds and the entire premise of “Revenge” would unravel.

Castle makes a lame excuse to Ryan (Seamus Dever) and Esposito (Jon Huertas) about why he is there. Beckett lets it slip that she is dating someone, but refuses to divulge more details. Ryan and Esposito decide she won’t tell them about the new man in her life because there is something wrong with him and decide to investigate. Uh, Castle dropped by the precinct for no reason. You both deserve to have your detective badges revoked. They tell Lanie they think she started seeing Josh again — because no woman would want to admit she is dating a gorgeous doctor. She tells them he left the country.

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Castle takes Beckett to his insane, huge, amazing house in the Hamptons. Between this and his Manhattan apartment, he has the best real estate of any television character. It would be interesting to see the show addresses how the financial disparity between Castle and Beckett impacts their relationship. In fact, Beckett seems uncomfortable, but it’s not because they’re in different tax brackets. It’s because she wonders how many other women have gotten the grand tour of Castle’s castle. He doesn’t deny that lots of his exes have been there, but none of them were her. Beckett is so charmed that she decides to go skinny dipping, when a gunshot victim wanders onto the estate and falls into the pool, dead as a doornail. Our dynamic duo has been corpse-blocked.

The local sheriff treats Beckett with disdain when she attempts to give him information about the crime because he thinks she is a high end hooker, which doesn’t say much for Castle’s Hamptons reputation. He instantly arrests a meth head who was near by. Castle obsesses over discrepancies in the case. He and Beckett realize that they will be unable to enjoy their vacation until they solve the crime.  Castle asks Ryan and Esposito to question the victim’s wife in the city.

The victim was a banker who testified against his colleagues at Lehman. His wife reveals he was cheating on her with a townie, who she believed he was breaking up with that weekend. The mistress, Natalia, is played by soap star Tamara Braun. Her character’s name made me giggle because she was a recast for an actress named Natalia on “Days of Our Lives.” When Castle and Beckett try to talk to her, the sheriff arrests them for interfering in an investigation.  After Googling Beckett, he lets them out, offers them coffee and asks for Beckett’s help because he has never investigated a murder. When Beckett interrogates Natalia, she mentions that the victim recently built a helipad on his property.

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When Castle jokingly compares his relationship with Beckett to Brangelina, he ends up realizing that they would be called Caskett. That was a spectacular shout out.

Castle realizes the victim was shot on a boat. The meth head claims he saw a boat  that was attacked by a red shark. One of the people the victim testified against had a boat with a red shark on it. He says that he didn’t take his boat out last night. He was at a weight loss group. He claims the victim’s mobster neighbor was after him. The mobster is offended that he is being accused of such a bush league hit. The sheriff is freaked that the mobster will come after him because Caskett questioned them and he kicks them off the case.

Ryan discovers the victim was buying up buildings in crappy neighborhoods but not renting them out to tenants. He and Esposito go to one of his buildings and find a meth lab worthy of “Breaking Bad.” Beckett wonders why he wasn’t killed in New York.  She and Castle realize that he is running drugs in the Hamptons via helicopter. Meth seems a little trashy for the Hamptons. Maybe his clients are townies.

It turns out that the fat boat owner was the Jesse Pinkman to the victim’s Walter White. He mentions to Ryan that he was interrogated by Castle’s girlfriend. Ryan goes crazy playing bad cop to get him to reveal that Castle’s girlfriend is Beckett. Awesome twist! Watch the hilarious scene above.

Ryan phones Castle and drives him and Beckett crazy when he says that the guy told him everything, but he ultimately does not reveal that he knows they are dating. Ryan tells Esposito they should respect Beckett’s privacy and stop the search for her boyfriend.

It turns out that the actual killer is the sheriff’s deputy who attempted to frame the guy who runs the harbor.The sheriff ends up shooting him, and is both thrilled and freaked out by solving his first murder case. Caskett celebrate with a sweet, sexy love scene of the sort that couples on relationship driven procedurals never get to have. Two thumbs up to the writers for continuing to reward the show’s fans.

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