Ann Romney on ‘The View’: If We Lose, Mitt Won’t Try Again

Ann Romney (right) with Barbara Walters on "The View" Thursday morning in New York (Photo:ABC)

Ann Romney told the ladies of “The View” that this campaign will be her husband’s last if he loses the election to Barack Obama.

Mrs. Romney, 63 — wife of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, 65 — came on the ABC mid-morning talk show on Thursday without her husband, who withdrew from the appearance a few days ago, citing scheduling conflicts.

“He will not run again – nor will I do anything like that,” she said when asked if the couple would ever try again for the presidency if Mitt loses this time around, according to this account of her appearance on the Washington Post Web site.

Earlier, she said she originally didn’t favor entering the current campaign, after enduring her husband’s last campaign for the Republican nomination in 2008 (he lost to John McCain). “I didn’t want to do this again. This was a very hard thing for me to decide to go forward again … for the family to have to go through this. The children have a hard time with it. I have a hard time with it. And yet I felt as though there was something my husband could offer this country that was uniquely his, that he could bring better economic hope and prosperity to women and men and all Americans.”

Watch Ann Romney on “The View”:
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An account on the Fox News Channel Web site of Mrs. Romney’s appearance on “The View” gave the opinion that she faced harder questions on the show than President Obama and his wife, Michelle, faced when they appeared on the show together last month.

“Unlike a recent joint appearance on the show by President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama during which questioning ranged from how romantic is the president to the couple’s anniversary, the show’s five hosts skipped the softball questions and got right into red meat — including military service, abortion and the Romneys’ Mormon faith,” the Fox News Channel story reported.

Ann Romney speaks out on women’s issues on “The View”:
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Whoopi Goldberg asked Mrs. Romney about her family’s Mormon faith, and whether their religion prevented her husband and sons from enlisting in the military at any point in their lives. Mrs. Romney conceded that none of them served in the military, but Mormonism does not prohibit military service. “We find different ways of serving,” she said, referring to the missionary work that male Mormons undertake as young adults.

Mrs. Romney made light of a statement uttered by her husband in which he told a group of supporters earlier this year that he wasn’t sure if he would ever appear on “The View” because the show’s co-hosts are “sharp-tongued.” Mrs. Romney joked that he really said “sharp and young.”

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