‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Settling and Revirginizing

Sara Ramirez of 'Grey's Anatomy' (Photo: ABC)

This week’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Love the One You’re With,” still does not offer any explanation as to how everyone got rescued from the plane crash. But we do learn that there is an ongoing investigation into what caused the crash and that the survivors are weighing in on whether or not to accept a settlement or pursue the case in court. Whatever they decide has to be unanimous. The amount of money being offered is enough to impress a bunch of attending surgeons who realistically would make at least $200,000 a year.

Owen (Kevin McKidd), who is Cristina’s (Sandra Oh) proxy, seems to be growing close to her as they discuss it. Callie (Sara Ramirez) tells a silent, rude Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) that the money could change their lives.

This storyline has done the impossible: It has made me actively root against and despise a woman who tragically lost her leg in a horrific plane crash. Arizona blaming Callie for authorizing a life-saving surgery is ridiculous. Arizona is wealthy, has access to the latest medical treatments, has a supportive partner, and a child. That’s the best-case scenario for this situation. Plus, as everyone who watched Oscar Pistorius in the Olympics knows, it is possible to live a full, active life with a prosthetic leg. Arizona is mean, self-pitying and just unpleasant to watch. Arizona refuses to go to a meeting about the settlement. When Callie says she doesn’t want to make a decision for her, Arizona bitches that she made the decision to have Arizona’s leg amputated. Callie tells Arizona she is going to the meeting. She finds her sitting on the bathroom floor because she couldn’t make it to the toilet. Arizona yells at her that it’s her fault. Callie throws her in the shower. She says this is her life too now. It’s supposed to be cathartic, but I still have no sympathy for Arizona.

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Derek (Patrick Dempsey) sneaks in to see the wrecked plane. He flashes back to the crash. At the meeting, everyone wants to take the deal, but Derek says he can’t accept the settlement, revealing he saw the plane. If they don’t settle, then they will learn what happened and maybe it won’t happen again. I think the NTSB investigates plane crashes no matter what. Everyone agrees with him, suddenly deciding that dragging this through the courts for years will be better than quitting their jobs and lying on a beach.

Everyone is surprised that April (Sarah Drew) is back, especially Avery (Jesse Williams). Avery and April have to work together on a woman who needs skin removal after losing 100 pounds. In a typically heavy handed parallel, she and her fiance have not had sex yet because she is self-conscious about her body. April announces she is revirginizing herself. Getting her job back was a sign that she should wipe the slate clean and start over. Avery is hurt that she wants to pretend that nothing happened between them. They argue during surgery and Meredith realizes they hooked up. Avery tells April he can’t pretend they didn’t have sex. April admits she can’t stop thinking about it. He asks if she wants to wait until she is married. He isn’t ready to get married and he doesn’t think she is either. He seductively talks about waiting. They agree they have to stay away from each other for a while. Then thirty seconds later they predictably start making out.

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Cristina is back at Mayo after her break. In what turns out to be the best plot of the episode, her boss forces her to work with Dr. Thomas (William Daniels) again to prove she is a team player. She disagrees with him on how to treat a patient. Her boss promises her that if she babysits, she will get to work with him on innovative procedures. She ends up telling Owen a funny story about a coworker. Dr. Thomas talks to Cristina about the crash during surgery, then shows her a technique she does not know and she realizes the old guy knows his stuff. He advises her to develop a signature move. Cristina is cold the next time she speaks to Owen on the phone, saying her life is in Minnesota now. Dr. Thomas sees Cristina crying. In the episode’s best scene, he gives her Kleenex and tells her he was the sole survivor of a plane crash in Vietnam. He offers her a cigarette and makes her laugh when he says everything can kill her.

Bailey (Chandra Wilson) freaks out about how messy the Attending Lounge is. Bailey turns out to be upset because her son started kindergarten, her ex is remarrying, and she feels like she is stuck while everyone else is moving on. The Chief advises her that she now has time to do something great.

Alex (Justin Chambers) has a new intern Jo, whom he treats badly. He finally reveals to Callie that he needs his intern to pick up the slack because of Arizona’s absence. Alex snaps so much at Jo that she starts crying. She asks why she is doing so badly. He tells her she isn’t screwing up and that he is overcompensating because he doesn’t want to flirt with her. She says she doesn’t care if he flirts because he already slept with all her friends. He lets her scrub in on a surgery.

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