‘Happy Endings’ Returns With an Unfortunate Accident

by | October 22, 2012 at 4:33 PM | Fall TV Preview 2012, Happy Endings

Casey Wilson in "Happy Endings" (ABC)

It’s officially no longer the year of Penny. When “Happy Endings” returns for a third season on Tuesday, Oct. 23 (ABC, 9/8c), Penny (Casey Wilson) suffers an unfortunate accident that lands her in a full body cast with Max (Adam Pally) acting as her nurse. Of course the silver lining is that she can milk her predicament for all sorts of gift basket sympathy and drive Max insane with her outrageous demands. But just when Max is about to desert her for good he meets her hot new physical therapist Kent (Matthew Del Negro) and immediately starts “Misery-ing” Penny to slow down her recovery and allow more time to crush on Kent.

DVR the Premiere of “Happy Endings”

ABC has released some hilarious new clips from the episode,”Cazsh Dummy Spillionaires.” Take a peek below.

Despite the fact that Max is “busting” his “humps” to take care of Penny, she’s still the worst patient ever:

In his attempts to keep Penny from recovering, Max knocks her out with a one-two punch of Sleepington’s Tea, “nature’s lullaby,”  and Lunesta, “nature’s Ambien”:

Elsewhere, Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) and Dave (Zach Knighton) have begun dating again but Alex insists it’s still just “cazsh,” despite her “Larry Kate Olsen” look:

And finally, here’s an awesome refresher on frequently used “Happy Endings” lingo:

“Happy Endings” premieres on Tuesday, Oct. 23 at 9/8c on ABC.